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As a community-owned and cooperatively operated business, co-op employees are some of Mississippi Market’s greatest assets. Our friendly, dedicated staff possess a wealth of knowledge. They work diligently to provide you with access to the freshest, healthiest foods and the safest, most effective personal health and beauty care products available. Our three stores employ over 200 people from our surrounding local communities who are passionate about sustainably grown and humanely raised foods; supporting local family farmers, vendors and makers; and nurturing the health of people and the planet. We wouldn’t be here without them!

Interested in joining our co-op team?

Meet Hope Tipton – East 7th Store Manager

How long have you worked at the co-op and what brought you here initially?

I have been with Mississippi Market for nine years. I needed a job, but I wanted something more to grow into. I started as a part-time cashier at our Selby location. I have always held a passion for natural foods and the ambition for leadership; I eventually found myself working in various leadership positions in the grocery and wellness departments at both our Selby and East 7th locations.

What do you love about your job? What do you hope to achieve at East 7th as the new store manager?

I love our staff at Mississippi Market, and I love our loyal customers. It brings me joy to see staff members grow and learn with the co-op. I also love contributing to our East Side community with tasty and healthy food.

East 7th’s future is bright. We have goals to become even more environmentally sustainable, more inclusive to our neighbors, and continue to educate and develop our staff.

How are your personal values reflected in your work?

I come from an agricultural family; I understand and appreciate that our local farmers nourish our community and fill our urban stores with food. I value local, wild-harvested, hydroponic, and transitional farming as a healthy and sustainable alternative to USDA organically grown products. Lastly, I value our Saint Paul community. This is my home, is where I grew up, and this is where I plant my metaphorical roots. I want our employees and customers to accurately reflect the neighborhood that we serve.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I enjoy cooking with the flavors of the season, growing fresh herbs, and making kombucha. My non-food-related hobbies include snowboarding, longboarding, playing video games, and kayaking.

What are some of your favorite products found at the co-op?

Evanhealy skincare, Hoyo sambusas, our Market Made soups, and chèvre cheese.