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As a community-owned and cooperatively operated business, co-op employees are some of Mississippi Market’s greatest assets. Our friendly, dedicated staff possess a wealth of knowledge. They work diligently to provide you with access to the freshest, healthiest foods and the safest, most effective personal health and beauty care products available. Our three stores employ over 200 people from our surrounding local communities who are passionate about sustainably grown and humanely raised foods; supporting local family farmers, vendors and makers; and nurturing the health of people and the planet. We wouldn’t be here without them!

Interested in joining our co-op team?

Meet Jack Molasky – Accounting Specialist

How long have you worked at the co-op and what brought you here originally?

I started as a part-time stocker at the Selby store in January of 2012. Two of my friends were working there at the time and told me it was a great place to work, and I needed to pay my rent and bills! I didn’t really know anything about the co-op at the time.

What roles have you served in during your time here?

I’ve worked as a Stocker, Refrigerated Buyer, and Bulk Buyer at the Selby store; and as Grocery & Wellness Manager at the East 7th store. I recently started as an Accounting Specialist in our administrative office.

How are your personal values reflected in your work at the co-op?

The ingredients listed on our products are things that we can recognize and pronounce, and that can only be a good thing. As a workplace, the co-op not only allows, but encourages staff to be themselves and to have a sense of humor. Finally, I love that we emphasize local sourcing options for both our Grocery and Wellness items.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I am never bored. There is always more to learn, and the work is a good balance of mental and physical agility.

What’s something shoppers might not know about the co-op?

We work with a lot of local companies, and many of them are small or family operations of a few people at most. I’d like to spotlight two in particular — Ada All Naturals is a largely one-woman operation here in the Twin Cities making skin and body care products with no artificial ingredients, and I’ve heard rave reviews from family and coworkers. Angelica’s Garden is a family operation in Elmwood, WI. We sell their sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables, and they are phenomenal! A lot of companies talk about being small or family-owned, but these two are the real deal.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time outside of work?

I like to read books and listen to music, ride my bike, and spend time with my wife and our two cats. A favorite of ours is playing board games while the cats knock game pieces off of the table.