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As a community-owned and cooperatively operated business, co-op employees are some of Mississippi Market’s greatest assets. Our friendly, dedicated staff possess a wealth of knowledge. They work diligently to provide you with access to the freshest, healthiest foods and the safest, most effective personal health and beauty care products available. Our three stores employ over 200 people from our surrounding local communities who are passionate about sustainably grown and humanely raised foods; supporting local family farmers, vendors and makers; and nurturing the health of people and the planet. We wouldn’t be here without them!

Interested in joining our co-op team?

Meet Totoe Takgbajouah – East 7th Floor Manager

How long have you worked at the co-op and what brought you here initially?

I began working at Mississippi Market in 1997 after I moved here from Liberia. I was looking for a job in my neighborhood and attending college. At the time Mississippi Market was at the Randolph location. I stayed with the co-op for four years.

I came back in 2008 because this is a good place to work. My experience here has really given me the opportunity to explain myself to anybody who I meet. I have been at East 7th since 2017, working in the deli and the front end and training in many people.

Why do you enjoy working for the co-op?

I feel really welcome. Mississippi Market respects its employees and treats all the same. You can move up at the co-op, too. I started as a dishwasher and have moved to leadership positions. I am now the Floor Manager.

How are your personal values reflected in your work?

Everything that I do, I take pride in, and I always make sure I understand and know what I’m doing. Being able to train people makes me feel that I’m doing something good for the co-op. I feel good knowing I am helping people learn to do their jobs.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I love being with my kids. I’m a person who believes in moving around, and they keep me moving.

What are some of your favorite products found at the co-op?

Garden of Eden products. I use them a lot in smoothies. In the produce department, I like avocados to make guacamole.