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Mississippi Market Co-op takes the impacts of COVID-19 seriously, and the health and safety of our staff and community remains our first priority. Follow along on this page for store updates as the situation evolves. Click on the updates below to stay current on these changes.

Updates as of November 2020:

  • A limited hot sandwich menu is available. Order a Turkey Pesto Melt, Cubano, or Roasted Portobello & Chevre sandwich at the deli counter.
  • Our juice bar & coffee bar have re-opened.
  • Special orders can be placed on most items. Some items such as paper products & cleaning supplies are excluded.
  • We welcome the return of clean, reusable containers in the bulk department as well as reusable bags. As experts learn more about COVID-19, CDC guidance indicates objects and surfaces are not a primary vector for coronavirus spread.
  • Hot, self-serve soups are available.
  • Curbside pickup is available at all locations.

These are the operational changes we have made to help protect our staff and shoppers:

  • Staff members and all shoppers are required to wear a face cover.
  • We continue to expect diligent hand washing by all co-op staff.
  • We have a limited occupancy plan to cap and monitor how many shoppers are in the store at any given time. We use this plan when overcrowding happens.
  • The first hour of the day is reserved for senior shoppers (60 and older) and those with compromised immune systems.
  • The store is sanitized at all “touch-points” multiple times per day.
  • We placed sanitizer and paper towels in our entry for shoppers to sanitize their baskets and carts before use.
  • We installed clear plexiglass at the registers to help protect our staff and customers.
  • We’ve marked the floors to show what six feet of separation looks like.
  • We sanitize the conveyor belt regularly.
  • We rolled out a curbside pickup program at our East 7th store.
  • In appreciation of our staff and their hard work and dedication during this challenging time, we are paying a $2 per hour bonus for all hours worked, beginning Monday, March 9.
  • We discontinued the salad bar and hot bar. Pre-packaged salads are available in the deli.
  • We closed our hot bar, but fresh prepared foods can still be found in our grab-and-go cases along with heat-and-eat family meals.
  • We posted educational social distancing signage in our stores in an effort to preserve the health and safety of staff and community members.
  • We closed our seating areas to limit social contact.
  • We provided our staff members with reusable masks and social distancing reminder buttons.
  • Fresh-baked goods are now pre-bagged, including cookies and muffins.
  • We discontinued all in-store sampling until further notice.
  • All trainings, events and classes are held virtually.
March 27

Dear Mississippi Market Co-op Community,

As each day passes, the impacts of COVID-19 continue to increase throughout our community. As you’ve likely heard, Governor Walz’s statewide stay-at-home order goes into effect at midnight this evening, Friday, March 27th, and lasts through Friday, April 10th. During this time, you are highly encouraged to only leave your home for essential trips or supplies (i.e. necessary medical care, food, etc.) and for exercise.

Under this new order, grocery stores are one of many businesses deemed essential. All three of our stores remain open to provide you with access to healthy food and wellness products. Our first priority remains the safety and well-being of our staff, our customers, and our community. This week, we implemented additional safety procedures at the co-op and are in the process of finalizing more that will begin soon.


  • We have installed plexiglass sneeze guards between cashiers and customers as an added safety measure for everyone. One of the main ways the virus spreads is through airborne droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze.
  • Floors near checkout lines have been taped to identify the appropriate social distancing guideline of remaining six feet apart from others.
  • You may still bring in reusable shopping bags for your purchases, but please bag your own groceries if you do so. Otherwise, we’re still happy to bag your groceries in our recyclable brown paper bags.
  • Please consider purchasing a refillable co-op gift card, using credit/debit cards, or using contactless smartphone payment options (i.e. Google Pay or Apple Pay) instead of cash when checking out at registers. This is another way we can decrease touch points between shoppers and staff to limit the potential spread of infection.


  • In order to avoid crowded aisles, we have canceled our April Wellness Wednesday.


  • Daily deli deals are temporarily suspended.
  • Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, we will further limit the service elements in our delis.
    • All made-to-order sandwiches, fresh juices, smoothies, and espresso drinks will be temporarily unavailable until further notice, as will sliced deli meats.
    • We will package our soups and sell them from our grab and go cases, but hot soup will no longer be served.
  • Sushi will be absent from our deli cases.
  • We will close our service cases, but fresh prepared foods can still be found in our grab-and-go cases along with heat-and-eat meals.


  • Due to COVID-19, the Selby store remodel and expansion project has been placed on hold until further notice. In these uncertain, times we need to put all of our attention toward serving our community and keeping our staff and shoppers safe.
  • Construction to replace the Dale Street bridge over I-94, just north of our Selby store, began this past Monday, March 23rd. All on and off ramps from the highway at Dale are now closed and are expected to remain that way until late fall. The bridge is being replaced in stages to allow one lane of car traffic to remain open in both directions. Please follow all posted detours and allow extra time when taking I-94 to our Selby store. Additional details here.


  • The first hour of each day has been reserved for seniors (age 60+) and those with compromised immune systems to shop after our nightly deep cleaning and restocking. Please respect this request to the extent possible to allow shoppers who are at a higher risk the ability to shop safely.
  • Please continue practicing social distancing and remain six feet apart from other shoppers and staff. Allow extra time for your shopping trips to accommodate this need. Please be patient, and wait to take an item from the shelves if another shopper is already shopping in that area. “Excuse me” remains a great way to announce your presence to other shoppers and staff.
  • Try to limit your shopping trips to the co-op each week and if possible, shop alone, without partners or children, to limit the potential spread of infection.
  • Due to on-going supply shortages, out-of-stocks, and the uncertainty of product selections, we have limited the quantity you can purchase of certain items. Although we removed information on sales promotions from our website, we continue to offer many products at sale prices.


  • Our staff have been working very hard to ensure you can find the products you need! We instituted a $2.00 an hour bonus for them effective March 9th. It will be evaluated as the weeks go by and this crisis unfolds. We greatly appreciate their work every single day.
  • Many of you have expressed your thanks through our comment system, and we have posted those for all staff to read. I encourage you to thank them in person as well – just remember to stay six feet away!

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate these challenges together. Updates will continue to be provided as necessary on in-store signage, via email, on our social media pages @msmarketcoop (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), and on our website at

In cooperation,
Catherine Downey
Interim General Manager
March 19

Dear Mississippi Market Co-op Community,

We continue to adapt our business to the changing reality of operating a grocery store during a pandemic. I am extremely proud of the way our employees have stepped up to the plate and showed a willingness to work so hard and adapt during this difficult time.

Effective March 9th, we put in place a $2 per hour bonus program for hourly staff to recognize the important role they’ve played during these difficult times. We all recognize how stressful this is and recognize the importance of our front line team members. We also appreciate Governor Walz’s recognition of grocery workers as tier 2 emergency personnel in their efforts to keep our community fed.

Additionally, the following safety procedures are in effect beginning Friday, March 20th:


  • We are happy to continue bagging your groceries in our brown paper bags. If you would like to bring in your own reusable bags, we ask that you bag your groceries.
  • We will continue to accept cash but encourage you to either buy a co-op gift card, which you can refill, or use a credit card for your purchases. The more we can limit contact with each other, the better!


  • Look for changes in our bulk department as we pre-bag items presently available in scoop bins. Please continue to use single-use scoops for bulk herbs and teas.
  • Based on our supply, expect to see quantity restrictions on certain high-volume items.
  • We have removed the majority of sale information from our website. We will continue to offer sales but there is uncertainty of what will be available.


  • Due to the on-going supply issues and out-of-stocks, we are no longer able to accept special orders.
  • We are unable to hold items for customers.
  • We are not accepting orders or payment over the phone at this time and are not shopping for our customers.
  • We are also no longer accepting returns, with the exception of product quality issues.

As a reminder, please continue to practice social distancing when shopping by maintaining a distance of at least six feet between yourself, other shoppers, and co-op employees. If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please self-quarantine and stay home for the safety of others. Thank you for your continued support.

In cooperation,
Catherine Downey
Interim General Manager

March 17

Dear Mississippi Market Co-op Community,

Starting today, Tuesday, March 17th, we are modifying our store hours to allow adequate time for daily deep cleaning and restocking of our shelves.

New store hours:

Selby & West 7th stores – 7:30 a.m to 8:30 p.m. daily
East 7th store – 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily

Moving forward, we are also reserving the first hour of shopping each day for senior shoppers (age 60 and older) as well as those with compromised immune systems. This will allow us to provide an opportunity for these individuals to shop first after our evening cleaning and sanitation procedures. Please respect this request to the extent possible to allow shoppers who are at a higher risk of contracting severe illness the ability to shop safely.

At this time, we continue to experience high levels of out-of-stocks and will keep working closely with our vendors, suppliers, and distributors to refill store shelves as quickly as possible.

Today, we learned that Rustica Bakery is closing temporarily, and we are working to find alternatives. We’ll keep you posted on any additional information from our vendors as we receive it.

As a reminder, please continue to practice social distancing when shopping by maintaining a distance of six feet between yourself, other shoppers, and co-op employees. If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please self-quarantine and stay home for the safety of others.

Finally, please show your appreciation for staff the next time you visit! Without their continued hard work, dedication, and commitment to community service, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing you with access to healthy foods and essential wellness products during this difficult time.

In cooperation,
Catherine Downey
Interim General Manager

March 16

Dear Mississippi Market Co-op Community,

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is unlike any infectious disease that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Since it is a respiratory virus, and not a foodborne illness, we need to think differently about how we clean our stores and practice social distancing to maintain the health and well-being of all shoppers and staff.

As of Tuesday, March 17th, the following procedures will be implemented across all three store locations, effective immediately. These operational procedures are being taken to protect our community from the potential spread of this infectious disease. Customer and employee safety remain our highest priority.


  • Fresh-baked goods will be pre-bagged. This includes cookies, muffins and bagels.
  • Salad bars will temporarily close until further notice and we will move to prepackaged products.
  • Hot bars at our East and West 7th stores will temporarily close. Key items will be available in our deli grab-and-go cases.
  • The hot bar at our Selby store will remain open but will switch from being self-serve to service-only. Please ask deli staff if you would like food from the hot bar at Selby.
  • Hot soups will be limited to two varieties per day and will become service-only behind deli counters instead of self-serve.


  • Food has not been shown to transmit COVID-19, but hard surfaces such as metal and glass can. In the interest of public safety, please do not bring in any reusable containers to purchase bulk items.
  • When buying bulk teas, herbs and spices, please continue to only use one clean scoop per item.
  • We are increasing the number of times we rigorously sanitize bulk bin handles and scoops on a daily basis.


  • Due to the increasing uncertainty of supply chains, we are no longer accepting special orders at this time.
  • Due to increasing vendor out-of-stocks, please limit your purchases of individual items as you are able.
  • We encourage you to forgo stocking up unnecessarily on products as this increase in demand negatively impacts future supply.


  • All café seating areas will close temporarily until further notice.
  • To the extent possible, please practice social distancing while shopping and make every effort to remain at least six feet from employees and other shoppers.
  • Co-op staff will be notified to practice social distancing on the sales floor and in back-of-house facilities.


  • We will maintain regular store hours at this time. This is subject to change as required; you will be informed promptly if anything changes.

Thank you for your patience and diligence during these challenging times. By working together, and following these procedures, we’ll have a much better chance of ensuring everyone remains healthy as this public health crisis unfolds. If you exhibit any symptoms, including cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, a runny nose, nausea, or a fever above 100.4, please stay home for the safety of co-op shoppers and staff.

In cooperation,
Catherine Downey
Interim General Manager

March 7

Mississippi Market Co-op takes the threat of potential impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously, and we want you to know the health and safety of our staff and community is our first priority right now. We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect our staff and shoppers as best as we are able.

Here are some of the steps we have taken:

  • Provided sanitizing wipes near the carts and at the registers for our staff.
  • Ordered additional sanitizing and disinfecting products and increased frequency of sanitation, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Provided guidance to staff to stay home from work when sick.
  • Worked to ensure staff who miss work due to COVID-19 or quarantine will have the paid time off they need to recover and return to work.
  • Provided additional training and signage for staff on proper hand washing protocol.
  • Cancelled all trainings through March and all events and classes through April.
  • Discontinued all in-store sampling until further notice, including sample cups from our hot bar and soup areas.
  • Evaluated internal meetings on a case-by-case basis.
  • Removed wellness testers that come in direct contact with skin.
  • Discontinued allowing customers to use personal containers for made-to-order beverages. Shoppers can still use personal containers for self-serve coffee.
  • We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the essentials you are seeking, like pantry staples, cleaning supplies, and health and body care items. Please be aware that some items may be in short supply and we are working diligently to get these items back in stock.

We will continue working together to ensure our stores remain clean and safe spaces for you and for our staff, and to continue providing you with healthy food and wellness products. Thank you for choosing our co-op.

For more information and updates on coronavirus, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s website.