Photo Credit: Friends of the Mississippi River, our  2017 Positive Change recipient


We offer $30 gift cards to support local community fundraisers, silent auctions, or one-time events. Community donations are generally granted up to twice per organization during the co-op’s fiscal year (July-June).

When considering a potential community donation, we look at the following criteria:

Is your organization a registered 501c3 non-profit organization?

Is your organization located in Saint Paul? Priority is given to organizations in Saint Paul.

When has your organization last received a donation from Mississippi Market?

We recognize there are many causes worthy of our support, but feel that focusing our resources on these select areas has more of a direct impact on our local St. Paul community. We cannot provide donations of prepared food trays or food products. Gift cards may be used for catering orders and food purchases.

Requests should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. Donation requests submitted less than two weeks before the event might not be accepted.