Cooking all started with fire! In this country, so many cultures have collided and coalesced to create what we think of as American cuisine. Nevertheless, it is our enslaved ancestors of African and Indigenous descent that are often mistakenly excluded as forefathers of American culture and cuisine. Not only did they master the art of smoking foods, but it was through their ingenuity that they took to stewing vegetables, concentrating the essential vitamins and nutrients to create what we know today as Potlikker: a delicious, invigorating and sustaining tonic for the body. Such sustainable practices should be revered, as they teach us how to maximize flavors and minimize waste while also being cost-effective.

In this cooking class, we will explore ancestral principles for cooking a delicious plant-based meal. The menu will include Smoked Mushroom Flatbread with Creamy Garlic Seed Spread; Potlikker Stewed Wild Greens; and Smoked Spirit-Infused Grilled Fruit Cobbler (seasonal).