Image for Feb. Positive Change: Open Hands Midway

Create Positive Change

Each time you shop at the co-op, you have a chance to directly support local community partners by donating your 10-cent reusable bag credits and rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. It may only be a few cents or spare change, but your generosity makes a huge impact — to the tune of over $10,000 each month for our Positive Change recipients!

Open Hands Midway

Providing community resources in  Saint Paul’s Midway neighborhood

February’s Positive Change recipient is Open Hands Midway (OHM), a nonprofit that provides food, clothing, household goods, personal supplies, and information about community programs free of charge to people in Saint Paul’s Midway neighborhood. 

The foundation of OHM’s services is their Meals for the Midway program. For over 10 years, this program has provided a nutritious, weekly meal for guests on Mondays. OHM’s chef prepares entrées, vegetable and  fruit salads, desserts, and beverages that are culturally appropriate, nutritious and delicious. A registered nurse also attends these weekly events to provide guests with access to basic health checks. Folks from other community service organizations also attend to help address long-term needs of meal guests. This valuable resource provides weekly meals to over 250 people. During the summer months, OHM expands their food services programming. A second weekly meal is available through Meals for the Midway during the summer.

Funds donated at registers in February will support their Meals for the Midway program through 2020. In 2018, OHM served 11,408 Monday meals and saw an increase in demand for the second weekly meals served during the summer. By providing healthy food for Midway residents, OHM is addressing an important issue in our community.