Image for December Positive Change: Keystone Community Services

Create Positive Change

Each time you shop at the co-op, you have a chance to directly support local nonprofits by donating your 10-cent reusable bag credits and rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. It may only be a few cents or spare change, but your generosity makes a huge impact — to the tune of over $11,000 each month for our Positive Change recipients!

Keystone Community Services

December’s Positive Change recipient is Keystone Community Services (KCS). Their mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and families to improve their quality of life. 

Food access is one of the main priorities for KCS’ basic needs program. They have been providing emergency food support for 80 years and are Ramsey County’s largest food shelf operation. Their current service model includes: 

  • Pre-packed bags and curbside pickup from food shelves to minimize time in brick-and-mortar buildings and maximize the number of people who can be served 
  • Doubling the size of their Foodmobile program to bring fresh, frozen, and packaged foods to neighborhood locations 
  • Drive-up food distribution events to reach people across Ramsey County 
  • Home delivery for older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to access other options 

This year, KCS is on track to distribute 2.3 million pounds of food to 33,000 people. December Positive Change donations will support a continuation of those efforts into the new year.