Image for March Positive Change: 2018 MN FoodShare March Campaign

March’s Positive Change recipient is the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. Each year, Mississippi Market participates in the campaign, a program that provides food, funds, and educational materials to over 300 food shelves across the state. The March Campaign is the largest food and fund drive in the state and has been operating annually since 1982 as a way to restock local food shelves after year-end holiday giving.

This year, Mississippi Market is participating in the campaign along with 15 other food co-ops from around the state. Last year, the “Cooperating MN Food Co-ops” team raised a combined total of 124,464 dollars/pounds of food and ranked 3rd in the state for corporate/business drives!

Over 31,000 Mississippi Market shoppers donated during last year’s Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, enabling us to exceed our goal of raising 19,000 combined dollars/pounds of food. This year’s goal is 20,000 combined dollars/pounds of food ($16,500 raised at the registers and 3,500 pounds of donated food). Throughout March, you may round up your purchases or donate bag credits at the register, and donate food items to help support five local food shelves.

March Positive Change funds and food will be donated to:

Your donations will help increase community food access in the neighborhoods we serve. Join us in the fight against hunger!