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Blakesville Farm & Creamery 

Blakesville Creamery is a Woman-Owned award-winning goat cheese creamery in Port Washington, Wisconsin. In 2023, taking home four American Cheese Society Awards, including three gold medals and one silver.  Blakesville Dairy Farm and Creamery prioritize humane and sustainable practices in raising goats and producing handmade artisan cheeses. The creamery, operational since 2020, follows farmstead principles, crafting cheeses by hand from the farm’s own milk. Emphasizing purity and quality, the cheeses ripen naturally, blending traditional methods with a modern, state-of-the-art creamery.

Shabby Shoe

Among the 2023 ACS winners were one of their newer cheeses, Shabby Shoe, a larger format, 31–60-day aged goat’s milk cheese that took home the gold medal in its category.  Veronica Pedraza, Blakesville Creamery head cheesemaker, stumbled upon the creation of Shabby Shoe as an experiment with surplus curd from Afterglow, an award-winning lactic-set cheese. The process involves draining the curd in bags, salting it after 24 hours, and molding it, resulting in a lighter and fluffier texture compared to traditional small-format cheeses. Inspired by French Chabichou du Poitou, Shabby Shoe features a wrinkly rind and a citrusy tang but is notably larger, weighing about two pounds per wheel.

Beginning Wednesday Dec. 6 we will have a limited supply of Shabby Shoe cheese in all three locations. Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to try this rare, award-winning goat’s milk cheese!