2018 Board Election Results

Congrats to Mississippi Market’s newly elected board members! Member-owners elected Lauren Siegel, Kristen Lee-Charlson, Natalie Kennedy, and Matt Frank to join the board of directors. Thank you to all of this year’s candidates for your willingness to serve as leaders in your co-op community and a special thanks to every member-owner who voted and attended the Annual Meeting.

The Positive Change match recipient that received the most votes was Urban Roots. In honor of Mississippi Market’s 40th anniversary, they’ll receive a 40% co-op funded match of the total amount raised for their organization at co-op registers during May 2019.


Board Function & Responsibility

In accordance with the cooperative principles, Mississippi Market is run by democratic member control. The board carries out this responsibility by establishing broad policy guidelines, recommending updates to our Articles and Bylaws – the legal documents that define and guide the co-op – and monitoring the performance of our general manager. Co-op board members have the same duties as directors of any business. The unique identity of our cooperative also means that the board must act on behalf of our member-owners.


Serve on the Board

One of the perks of co-op membership is the ability to apply to run for an open board seat. Each October, co-op member-owners elect new board members for three-year terms. This is an exciting opportunity to serve your community and lead your co-op in shaping our collective future. Learn more by submitting a board interest request and we’ll get back to you with additional details.