We are Mississippi Market, a food co-op that is open to everyone. We empower our diverse communities to:

  • be healthy,
  • make choices that help sustain our planet, and
  • create a more just local economy.


Mississippi Market makes our community better by growing our existing stores and seeking innovative opportunities to bring great food and cooperative values to new neighbors.

Strategic Drivers

In pursuit of achieving our mission, we will:

  • Deliver great customer service to everyone who comes through our doors.
  • Support and develop a diverse, dedicated and engaged staff.
  • Be a source of local, sustainable products and education about food-related issues.
  • Strengthen our local food system and our network of local farmers and producers.

Create a financially sound co-op that reinvests in its community.


Mississippi Market Co-op is a welcoming cooperative that: 

  • Champions a just and inclusive local economy
  • Promotes a healthy, sustainable environment and food system
  • Innovates to serve the needs of its diverse communities  
  • Fosters strong, equitable community relationships