Everyone is welcome at the co-op!

Member or not, you are always welcome to shop. When you join the co-op, you save money while supporting a robust local food economy, sustainable practices, and community programs – along with over 18,000 other member-owners. You become a part owner of the co-op because we are owned and operated by our community members.

To become a member-owner, simply fill out a membership agreement at one of our store locations and pay a one-time stock investment of $90. We also have a 2-year payment plan, or you can learn more about our $12 LIME membership.

There is no requirement to volunteer your time or work at the co-op in order to become a member. Once paid in full, your co-op membership is refundable should you move away or change your mind. You only join the co-op once – there are no reoccurring annual fees.