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Mental Health Awareness Month

Image for Mental Health Awareness Month

Photo courtesy of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Mental health is just as important as physical health. The two are interconnected — mental illness can worsen physical health, while physical illness, injury or trauma can result in mental illness and trauma. Sometimes, because it’s “invisible,” we have…

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May Positive Change: Lower Phalen Creek Project

Image for May Positive Change: Lower Phalen Creek Project

Create Positive Change Each time you shop at the co-op, you have a chance to directly support local nonprofits by donating your 10-cent reusable bag credits and rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. It may only be a few cents or spare change, but your generosity makes a…

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Learn Tips for Success During Financial Literacy Month

Image for Learn Tips for Success During Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month comes around each April to advocate for financial education that helps people improve their personal and household finances, achieve stability, and meet their goals. Financial literacy means understanding (and putting to practice) skills for success, such as managing finances, budgeting and investing. Budgeting is especially important when…

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Get Growing with Carter Farms Seed Potatoes

Image for Get Growing with Carter Farms Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the first things you can start growing in the spring, either in a garden or in a barrel on a deck or patio, if you’re short on space. You’ll find several varieties of organic seed potatoes at the co-op from Carter Farms, a family-run farm…

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2021 Plant Sale

Image for 2021 Plant Sale

Known for a comprehensive assortment of Minnesota natives and an extensive vegetable and herb selection, our Annual Spring Plant Sale enthusiastically ushers in the return of Minnesota’s peak growing season. It runs May 5–31, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, at all three stores, with a smaller selection available at…

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As Sweet as Can Bee

Image for As Sweet as Can Bee

Honey is available in various textures, colors and flavors, but all kinds share the same general ingredients. Honey is primarily glucose and fructose and contains natural substances from nectar, which influences its color and flavor. The texture, sweetness and therapeutic properties are mainly dependent on the flower source. Bees create…

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Portable Power Snacks

Image for Portable Power Snacks

From hiking, biking and camping to hectic schedules of work and errands, these wholesome snacks will help keep you full, focused and energized. Many of these are available in bulk, so you can buy only the amount you want, put it in your preferred packaging for on-the-go, and mix and…

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Community Partner Profile: Run N Fun

Image for Community Partner Profile: Run N Fun

Run N Fun is a family-owned running store located on Randolph Avenue in Saint Paul’s West 7th neighborhood. Read our Q&A with co-owner Kari Bach below to learn more about this local business! How long has Run N Fun been in Saint Paul? My husband Perry and I established…

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Staff Profile: Meet Tenn Bennett

Image for Staff Profile: Meet Tenn Bennett

As a community-owned and cooperatively operated business, co-op employees are some of Mississippi Market’s greatest assets. Our friendly, dedicated staff possess a wealth of knowledge. They work diligently to provide you with access to the freshest, healthiest foods and the safest, most effective personal health and beauty care products available.

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Dill-ight in Homegrown Herbs

Image for Dill-ight in Homegrown Herbs

Growing your own herbs not only helps you feel connected to what you eat, but it’s also a great way to save money. Instead of buying herbs for every recipe, you can purchase a plant once and keep a continuous, fresh supply on hand — simply snip off what you…

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