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As the holiday season approaches, we extend an invitation to our valued member-owners for a celebration of community and giving through Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. Beyond the co-op’s aisles, this presents an opportunity to translate our shared values into action by supporting organizations that make a significant impact in our community.

This year, we’re highlighting organizations that embody our commitment to a thriving, connected, and sustainable community. By participating in Give to the Max Day, anyone can play a crucial role in building a healthier and more resilient community. Your generosity becomes a beacon of hope, supporting organizations like these in their mission to foster positive change not only in the Twin Cities but also in Greater Minnesota.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this year’s highlighted partners:

Urban Roots: Urban Roots | GiveMN


Urban Roots passionately cultivates and empowers youth through nature, healthy food, and community engagement. Adapting to our current landscape, they have harnessed the lessons learned to fill service gaps, ensuring everyone has access to healthy food and beautiful green spaces.

Hmong American Farmers Association: Hmong America


Hmong American Farmers Association | GiveMN

HAFA is dedicated to supporting farmers in improving agricultural practices. Through workshops on soil health, good agricultural practice, food safety protocols, business development, and Integrated Pest Management, they empower farmers to enhance their skills. HAFA’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident in initiatives like providing organically certified pesticides to members.

Wakaŋ Tipi Awaŋyaŋkapi (formerly known as Lower Phalen Creek Project): Wakan Tipi Awanyankapi | GiveMN

Wakaŋ Tipi Awaŋyaŋkapi is a Native-led environmental stewardship nonprofit. Their mission encompasses Environmental Education, Urban Restoration & Conservation, and Cultural Connections & Healing, engaging people to honor and care for natural places, sacred sites, and cultural values within the Dakota land.


CLUES – Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio: CLUES – Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio | GiveMN

Minnesota’s largest Latino-led non-profit, CLUES, is run for and by Latinos. Their vision is to empower a growing Latino community with amplified voices, equal representation, and the resources needed for healthy and thriving lives. CLUES advances social and economic equity, activating leadership for systemic change in Minnesota’s Latino community.

Keystone Community Services: Keystone Community Services | GiveMN

For over 80 years, Keystone Community Services has been a trusted haven for neighbors in St. Paul/Ramsey County. Their community of supporters enables them to provide vital services, fostering connections and offering resources to more than 45


,000 individuals annually, strengthening the capacity of families to enhance their quality of life.

Twin Cities Food Justice: TC Food Justice | GiveMN

TC Food Justice, a volunteer-driven nonprofit, is on a mission to reduce hunger and food waste in the Twin Cities. Through partnerships with local grocery stores, markets, farmers, and more, they rescue unsold fresh foods, redistributing them to individuals and families in need, making a significant impact on food insecurity.

The Sanneh Foundation: The Sanneh Foundation | GiveMN

Dedicated to holistic youth development, The Sanneh


Foundation serves the diverse Twin Cities metro area. Their mission spans educational support, physical health programs, and initiatives promoting social and emotional development. By advancing diversity, equity, and community well-being, they unite communities for a brighter future.

Merrick Community Services: Merrick Community Services | GiveMN

Since 1908, Merrick Community Services has been serving low-income and immigrant families in the East Side of Saint Paul. Through education, nutrition, and human services, they focus on meeting basic needs, providing emergency assistance, and imparting skills and knowledge for a better future for individuals, families, and the community.

Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute: Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Inst. | GiveMN


Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute is a Minnesota-based training center with a global impact. They are committed to ending the literacy gap and promoting equal education for all youth through books, educational trainings, and leadership summits, fostering literacy and leadership development.