Image for Joining The Community Partner Program on Feb 1st: Saint Paul Brewing

We are excited to announce Saint Paul Brewing as the newest addition to the Community Partner Program! Mississippi Market Member-Owners can show their member I.D. card for buy one get one on select tap beer and seltzers. Learn more about our new Community Partner below.

Saint Paul Brewing stands as a testament to continual transformation and transcendence, inviting patrons into a space where each visit brings forth new discoveries. Nestled within the historic walls that once housed the bustling city unto itself, Hamm’s Brewery, the establishment maintains a consistent commitment to honoring its rich heritage while embracing a connected present and creative future. The brewery radiates a palpable sense of joy, evident not only in its playful and intriguing decor but also in the fostering of a vibrant community among its staff.

Saint Paul Brewing is more than a place to enjoy craft beer; it’s a haven for creativity and connection.

One remarkable feature of the brewery is its dedication to breathing new life into historic spaces. Balancing the nostalgia of the ‘land of sky-blue waters,’ Saint Paul Brewing evolves to make its space accessible to the diverse East Side community and beyond. The brewery’s affinity for East St. Paul deepens as it forges connections and listens to the many stories of those who grew up around the iconic Hamm’s building. Captivated by the moving stories and connections, Saint Paul Brewing has new and refreshed Beer Tours that incorporate the building’s heritage. These tours, beginning the weekend of February 4th, offer guests an immersive experience into the history and culture that the brewery holds dear matched with the story of their delicious brews offered currently.

Upon entering the seating area affectionately called the ‘living room,’ guests are surrounded by beautiful brick interiors and a myriad of seating vignettes of all shapes and sizes. Each seating area is adorned with greenery, creating a warm atmosphere that exudes a comforting “you are welcome here” vibe, encouraging good conversation for patrons of all ages.

Among the many things that set Saint Paul Brewing apart is its diverse
offering of beverages and food.

Beyond craft beer, the brewery serves alcohol, wine, THC-infused drinks, coffee, and a delectable selection of snacks and meals. Now that Saint Paul Brewing is a sister company to Can Can Wonderland, the workshop and fabrication team is shared between the two venues, for twice as much upcycling and repurposing. For example, guests are greeted by a large, discarded canoe transformed into a fire pit on the outdoor patio. The brewery’s commitment to fostering its employees is also noteworthy, as it actively supports each person holistically in achieving personal and professional goals. This commitment to the team translates into genuine conversations and connections between staff and guests, ensuring that everyone who walks through the doors feels seen, important, and remembered.

Exciting developments are on the horizon at Saint Paul Brewing, including the resumption of Beer Tours on February 4th, the introduction of Bingo Brunch with Bloodies and Beer, and expanded lunch hours during the weekdays. Keep an eye out for an announcement about the upcoming outdoor kitchen – a testament to the brewery’s dedication to innovation and evolution. Saint Paul Brewing isn’t just a brewery; it’s a dynamic space where history, community, and joy converge in a celebration of what it means to be from St. Paul past and present.



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