A favorite producer here at Mississippi Market, Rochdale Farms is locally and cooperatively owned. Rochdale Farms is the creation of Mary Bess Michaletz and Bentley Lein. It was created with the intention to foster the growth of small local dairy producers and create delicious, artisan cheeses, hand rolled butters, and cream-top yogurts. Rochdale sells all of their creative dairy products exclusively to Midwestern natural food cooperatives.

Most of the milk Rochdale uses comes from a network of over 325 small Amish family farms spread across Wisconsin and Minnesota. These family-run farms take an extraordinary amount of care to treat their animals and land with care. Each farm has a small single heard of cows or goats that is milked by hand each day. The extremely fresh milk is brought to K&K creamery, in traditional milk cans, overseen by Master cheese maker Tom Torkelson.

Rochdale makes affordable everyday cheese favorites such as organic Mild & Sharp Cheddar, Provolone, and String Cheese, in addition to a unique line of specialty aged cheeses including Cellar Aged Gouda, Cave-Aged Blue, Reserve Alpine Emmentaller, and Extra Aged Goat Cheddar. Their hand rolled butter is second-to-none and is available in both salted and unsalted varieties. Mississippi Market is excited to offer this line of cooperatively made dairy products for your enjoyment.