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The rotating BIPOC artist gallery at our West 7th store continues this spring with a new local artist, author, public speaker and facilitator, Dr Artika Tyner. You can purchase their prints and original artwork through the end of June, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the artist. This month, there are two installations of Dr Tyner’s work.

Reflections on Afro-futurism: I am, I was, I will be 

Step into the future with “Reflections on Afro-futurism: I am, I was, I will be” – a captivating photo exhibition that explores the intersection of identity, history, and imagination. Delve into a visual journey that transcends time, as Dr. Artika R. Tyner reflects on the past, embraces the present, and envisions the future through the lens of Afro-futurism. From vibrant portraits to surreal landscapes, each photograph invites viewers to contemplate the rich cultural heritage of African diasporic experiences and envision possibilities yet to come. Join us as we celebrate resilience, creativity, and the power of dreams to shape tomorrow. 

Plant People Growing Justice Pop-Up Bookstore 

Planting People Growing Justice’s pop-up bookstore features a selection of books related to Africa. It also promotes literacy, cultural awareness, and leadership development.  Proceeds from book sales will go to Planting People Growing Justice, a Black literacy non-profit in St Paul.

Meet Dr Artika Tyner 

As an author, artist, and photographer, Dr Artika harnesses the literary arts and visual storytelling to preserve Black history, amplify the untold stories of the African diaspora, and model inclusive leadership for social change. Through her literary expression and photography, Dr Tyner strategically elevates narratives that inspire and strengthen cultural preservation. Dr Tyner tells the stories of unique leaders who challenged social norms, serving as roadmaps for our experiences today. Dr Tyner’s books and photography help readers to understand collective challenges, inspire future generations, and build confidence. Dr Tyner is grateful to choose how she authors her life and brings others on this journey, committing to be a source of impact and change. 

Join us for a Book Read event with Dr Tyner in June. More details will be announced in early May.

Find out more about Dr Artika Tyner here Dr. Artika R. Tyner | Motivational & Social Change Speaker | Ghana ( 

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