Image for Class Proposal Guidelines

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op strives to provide educational opportunities that appeal to our members and shoppers and support our mission to promote natural foods, health and wellness, and a sustainable environment.

Class Proposals

  • Classes are chosen based on their likelihood for success with Mississippi Market’s members/shoppers, the instructors’ expertise and references, products we carry, and evaluations from classes previously taught.
  • Ingredients must be available at Mississippi Market.
  • Instructors are encouraged to submit their proposals for the three month period in advance of submission deadline.
  • Mississippi Market will book, at most, 10 classes per month.
  • Classes are held at Mississippi Market’s East 7th and West 7th store locations. Indicate preferred location on form.
  • We ask that new instructors submit a head shot with their proposal.
  • Mississippi Market will promote your class with a stock image that matches both our brand and your class description. If you have specific requests for what to include in this image, please send those over for consideration at the time of class booking.


  • Mississippi Market handles all registration of students and collection of fees.
  • Instructors determine participant minimum for class to be held, and class size limit. Room capacity: 16 with tables and chairs, 30 with chairs only.
  • Two seats per class are reserved for Mississippi Market staff at no charge. (This is not included in your minimum or maximum participant count).
  • You will need to determine 3 days before the class if there are enough participants registered. Contact our Community & Event Coordinator to cancel or change a class.
  • Students need to register and pay for the class through Eventbrite or at Customer Service before the class starts. Mississippi Market is not responsible for tracking down payment after a class ends.

Instructor Payment

  • Mississippi Market retains 25% of registration fees from lectures and classes.
  • Mississippi Market provides a 20% discount on food purchased at Mississippi Market for use in classes.
  • Instructors determine what to charge per participant. We ask that co-op members be charged $3-5 less than non-members, so please price your class accordingly.
  • Class fees should be enough to cover all materials needed and the instructor’s time.
  • Instructors will be sent a check and statement of account for any class(es) taught within two weeks of teaching.

Class Materials

  • All paid lectures should provide a written handout. Cooking classes should provide samples.
  • All ingredients for cooking classes should be available at Mississippi Market. Mississippi Market will provide a 20% discount on food purchased for a class.
  • Instructors may provide information about their business or area of expertise, but our classes are meant to spread knowledge, not advertise. Excessive advertisement often results in poor evaluations.
  • Mississippi Market does not allow distribution of recruitment or campaign literature.
  • Class evaluations will be provided. Instructors should facilitate completion of these and have students return them to the box provided.
  • Instructors are responsible for notifying our Education & Events Specialist of all tools needed for the class, provided this is done well in advance of the class.
  • We provide: classroom kitchen with electric cook top, convection/radiant oven, sinks, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, basic kitchen utensils and place settings. Projector and laptop set up is available upon request.