Image for 2022 Mississippi Market Co-op Election

Take your membership to the next level by voting for up to two candidates in this year’s election. Mississippi Market member-owners will elect up to two candidates to three-year terms. The co-op member-owners you elect to the board will review and establish policies that guide management in their work, monitor the performance of our general manager, develop a long-range vision for the co-op’s future, and provide financial oversight of business operations. One membership equals one vote. Each co-op member-owner (individual or household) will cast one ballot.

The Mississippi Market Board of Directors is a policy governance board, meaning they do not engage in operational decisions at the store level. Instead, they are legally responsible for our co-op’s overall strategic direction and performance.

Despite our best efforts, we had a small applicant pool this year. We still have room for the option to appoint two additional candidates to the board. These openings are for temporary, one-year terms — an exciting professional development opportunity to help shape the future of your co-op. If interested, complete an application.

Voting will begin Monday, Sept. 26.



Board Candidates

Current board members reviewed new candidate qualifications and experiences, resulting in a final slate of two candidates on this year’s election ballot. The board of directors evaluated applicants based on their varying levels of experience and demonstrated interests in the following areas: Board Governance, Community Engagement/Connections, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusivity, Financial Experience, and Long-term and Strategic Planning.