Even in unseasonal winters, the lack of sweat, and the lack of humidity due to forced air heat tends to dry our skin out. Dry skin can lead to irritation, itching, increased sensitivity, and redness. Much of the cosmetic world would train us to rely on products to pamper dry skin. evanhealy sees that the skin, a dynamic organ system, is always striving for balance on its own. Students will learn effective ways to work with their skin to hold onto hydration and understand how to support the ‘acid mantle’ of the skin. The class will work to create rituals that re-hydrate the skin with the use of hydrosols and also encourage the skin to retain hydration better for us by way of supporting the acid mantle.

Product Spotlight: Shea butter, hydrosol, and blue cactus beauty balm

Who are your instructors?

Robb Doser

Robb has been fascinated by Evan’s (of evanhealy) unique and natural approach to skincare for 20 yrs. Robb has trained with Evan in many modalities and is excited to share these deeply nourishing and hydrating tools that help everybody’s skin perform and ultimately look and feel better.

*A Minimum of 5 students is required to hold an in-person class. Refund requests must be made 48 hours in advance of class time