What’s New

New Vender Urban Roots: Native 4-packs! Urban Roots is a youth development program (and our Positive Change recipient this coming July!) and one of the largest youth employers on the East Side. They create economic and educational opportunities for under-resourced, majority BIPOC youth, preparing them for academic and professional success while addressing immediate community needs around fresh food access, the environment, and wellbeing.

New Vender Northwood Mushrooms: Mushroom Logs! Formerly known as Cherry Tree House Mushrooms, Northwood Mushrooms began as an urban foraging endeavor in 2008. Founded by Jeremy, the farm initially focused on growing mushrooms in various neighborhood yards before relocating to Maplewood, Minnesota in 2012. Facing challenges and frequent moves, the farm eventually settled in Clayton, Wisconsin in 2016. With ample space for expansion, Northwood Mushrooms continues to thrive, emphasizing its connection to nature and wood-based growing methods. Despite the journey’s challenges, the farm remains dedicated to cultivating high-quality mushrooms and looks forward to future growth and innovation.