Image for Special Orders

It pays to stock up on your favorite products, which is why we offer the opportunity to place special orders by the case. From canned goods to beverages to bulk staples, member-owners receive 10% off special orders while non-members receive 5% off.

Plus, if you order an item while it’s on sale at our store, you get the sale price on top of the case discount! So if your favorite pasta sauce is on sale, it’s time to stock up and save big. To place an order, fill out a form at the customer service desk. Discount valid when you order a case or quantity of six (minimum) of an item.

Some of the items ordered by your fellow shoppers are:
  • Canned goods: Diced tomatoes, cat food, broth, pumpkin puree
  • Beverages: Honest T, coconut water
  • Bulk goods: Couscous, quinoa, flour
  • And much more!