Image for Community Partner Spotlight: Mosaic on a Stick

Mosaic on a Stick is a Black-, Indigenous-, and woman-owned business providing a community art space by selling quality supplies, teaching mosaic classes, and creating commissions. In the St Paul art scene, owner Lori Greene is part of a vibrant community of artists building connections across differences. Mosaic on a Stick is a standalone building in the Hamline Midway neighborhood filled with bright art that splashes out onto the surrounding neighborhood. Co-op member-owners get 10% off classes and 15% off materials at Mosaic on a Stick!

Lori’s introduction to mosaic art began in grad school. While experimenting with seed bead art, she stumbled upon a book in a Los Angeles library featuring the Watts Tower sculpture. Seeing the found object and reclaimed material spectacle that is The Watts Tower Sculpture sparked her to pursue large format art, found objects, and eventually mosaic.

“I particularly like to work with things that have been discarded and are not necessarily beautiful to begin with, but then, when put together, they can become really beautiful. And I think that is true about people, too. We’re broken people trying to heal.” – Lori Greene

Lori’s commitment to community engagement and storytelling through art became evident during the creation of a community mosaic at the Resource Center of the Americas. Collaborating with seven artists and 250 volunteers over four months, they crafted a mural that incorporated the personal stories of the participants. The installation day, September 11, 2001, marked a poignant moment in her journey and the US. The power of community that grew from that moment of leaning into community in times when the world can be a confounding place was palpable. This experience solidified Lori’s determination to dedicate her life to not just mosaic art, but to what can be seeded and grown when we do art together. For Lori, mosaic art is not just about creating visually appealing installations; it’s about weaving stories and healing threads into the fabric of the community.

The store, once the Hamline Midway Coalition, is not just a business; it’s a testament to Lori’s passion for bringing art to the community. The space is adorned with installations both inside and outside, reflecting Lori’s dedication to making art accessible to everyone.

“I get paid in love more than I get paid in money” – Lori Greene

What is happening now at Mosaic on a Stick?

Lori’s current projects include a mosaic for the St. Cloud Shelter, emphasizing themes of light, beauty, magic, and nature. She is also working on an installation for Harriet Alexander Nature Center, showcasing the bright colors and playfulness of animals and nature. She is also a part of a three-person team building a veterans memorial piece. Stay tuned for announcements about the Nicollet Redevelopment Project in Minneapolis. You can also visit her installation at the Survivors Memorial in Minneapolis.

How you can support Mosaic on a Stick?

“Mosaic is art that is really easy to do with other people.” Lori Greene

To support Lori’s art and Mosaic on a Stick, one can visit the store and try their hand at mosaic art. Lori encourages people to grab a friend to experience the tactile nature of mosaic creation with and to see firsthand how this craft can foster an environment conducive to conversation and connection.

Lori Greene’s journey into mosaic art is a testament to the transformative and healing power of creativity and community engagement. Through Mosaic on a Stick, she has not only created a space for artistic expression but has also become a catalyst for storytelling, healing, and connection within the Hamline Midway neighborhood and far beyond. As Lori continues to splash her art across various projects, she invites others to join in the experience, reminding us that art, like life, is a collective tapestry enriched by the diverse threads of human stories.


Our Community Partners are small, independent local businesses that have been hit especially hard by the effects of COVID-19. Join us in solidarity and show your love for our community by continuing to eat, drink and shop locally. Co-op member-owners get 10% off classes and 15% off materials at Mosaic on a Stick!