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Elite Towing: Delivering Elite Service for Over a Decade

For over a decade, Elite Towing has been building community by getting people back on the road and back to living their lives. This institution has been a helping hand for countless drivers across Minnesota. However, it is not just about the years on the clock; it is about dedication to both serving individuals and investing in their community that sets Elite Towing apart. Mississippi Market member-owners receive a 20% discount on jump-starts, lockouts, and towing.

Elite Towing account manager Nick Novitsky is a seasoned tow truck driver with 15 years of experience. Nick’s expertise extends beyond mere towing; he is a natural connector, adept at forging meaningful relationships with individuals, businesses, and the broader community. Elite Towing is proud of its exceptional team. With a diverse mix of employees, including veteran drivers trained in managing a wide range of vehicles, this ensures that help is always within reach no matter the situation.

“It’s about being prepared because at some point, you will need a tow.”

Nick emphasized that being prepared is vital in avoiding car situations that keep you from your life, work, and family. Elite Towing matches a commitment to timeliness and reliability with a belief that community is essential. “I have yet to find another tow company that wants to set up ongoing meaningful partnerships,” says Nick. Elite Towing is based in St. Paul but has trucks traversing all over Minnesota, including Duluth.

“We pride ourselves on providing elite service,” says Nick, emphasizing the company’s dedication to excellent customer service. They feel a part of this is that their dispatchers offer accurate arrival times and that their pricing is consistent.

What is the best way to support Elite Towing? Utilize their services! Add their phone number to your contact list so that you have it handy next time you need help! 952-808-0808

Do you have an electric vehicle? Elite Towing ensures all staff undergo comprehensive training in electric vehicle towing.