Image for Picks from Dr. Artika: Multicultural Winter Holidays


 Dr. Artika R. Tyner is a passionate educator, award-winning author, sought-after speaker, and advocate for justice. She is the founder of Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute, working to “plant people” while offering them key educational and learning opportunities. This organic process aims to cultivate a multicultural literary and leadership landscape that encourages both social and racial justice within individuals and communities.

Holidays are a time to bring the family together. Families celebrate by uplifting cultural traditions and honoring their heritage. This time of the year is also an invitation to learn more about other cultures and how your neighbors and friends celebrate the holidays. This learning journey is an essential part of creating a vibrant inclusive multicultural community.

Celebrating multicultural holidays provides an opportunity to build cultural bridges in three key ways:

  • Encouraging Cultural Appreciation: Embracing diverse holidays allows community members to learn about different cultures and traditions. It increases knowledge and understanding, fosters respect, and promotes appreciation of the world’s rich multicultural tapestry.
  • Cultivating Inclusivity: The foundation of inclusive communities is the creation of a welcoming environment where cultural experiences are honored and respected. Celebrating together whether it be honoring Kwanzaa (inspired by African harvest festivals) or Diwali (Festival of Lights) is an invitation to learn, grow, and connect within diverse communities.
  • Building Connections and Promoting Learning: Multicultural holidays serve as an invitation to engage in community building. It is an opportunity to learn about different backgrounds and cultures. This is vitally important for children as they learn about their cultural heritage, honor other cultures, develop cultural humility, and learn how to engage in intercultural dialogue. These skills are essential for becoming inclusive leaders who seek to build a more just and inclusive society.

This booklist will provide you with a few ideas to celebrate your culture and heritage while learning about new holiday traditions from other cultures.