Image for Community Partner Spotlight: Grand Hand Gallery

Nestled on Grand and Dale, the Grand Hand Gallery isn’t just a place to admire art—it’s a growing hub of community engagement and artistic diversity. Since Rachel Hartzler and Jim Jacobson took over in September 2022, they’ve taken on the mantle of caring for this dynamic space, while nurturing a strong sense of community through events and partnerships. Mississippi Market Members save 10% on full-price items at Grand Hand Gallery.

Jim and Rachel’s journey to owning the Grand Hand Gallery is a tale of passion meeting opportunity. With a background in illustration and a deep connection to the art community, Rachel’s journey began with facilitating micro art fairs in her neighbors’ front yards along Grand Avenue. After opening a trial space in the basement of Spoils of Wear, it was a natural progression for them to take over the gallery when the opportunity arose.

At the core of Grand Hand Gallery’s ethos lies a commitment to community building. Through partnerships with Latin Art organizations and Red Lake Nation, the gallery aims to continually reach a broader audience and make a tangible difference in the art community by diversifying the artists and mediums represented. Another community building initiative is the Resale Event that offers patrons the opportunity to find new homes for their beloved pieces that they have grown out of or couldn’t quite find a place for.

Along with community building, sustainability is a current and continual project for the Grand Hand Gallery. Jim and Rachel are adapting to make sustainable practices integral in the operations of the building and ensuring fair compensation for both employees and artists—a challenge for many small businesses.



Stepping into the Grand Hand Gallery, visitors encounter a blend of both gallery and salon presentation of art. The jewelry section has been expanding and lives near the main counter of the store. Gallery visitors can view pictures of the artist alongside the artwork, fostering a deeper connection between creator and admirer.

In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in the art world. Grand Hand Gallery embraces this shift with a “both-and” approach, building their own social media presence while recognizing platforms like Instagram and TikTok as unique gallery spaces where art enthusiasts can directly connect with artists.

Grand Hand Gallery offers more than just art for display—it’s a place to discover one-of-a-kind functional pieces for your home. In a world where small businesses face numerous challenges, Grand Hand Gallery stands as a beacon of creative resilience and community spirit. Rachel and Jim invite you to drop by and become a part of the vibrant tapestry of the local art scene.

We’re proud and excited to support another local business with a mission dedicated to empowering our diverse communities!