Image for Know Your Local Plant Sale Growers

This year’s Plant Sale offerings have once again been sourced from some of the best local growers. You’ll find an expanded assortment of unique pepper and herb varieties, a wildly beautiful tomato selection, a nearly three-fold increase in edible flowers and pollinator plants, and an array of Japanese vegetables for your garden. Everything at the Plant Sale has been grown to organic standards, with a healthy selection of certified-organic vegetables also available. Read on to learn about this year’s Plant Sale growers.

Carter Farms is a second generation family farm that has been growing high quality organic seed potatoes for over 50 years. Adam, Maria and their four children work together to produce quality organic seed potatoes including fingerling, yellow, blue, red, and white-fleshed ones. Committed to creating a healthier food chain from farm-to-table, their potatoes are certified organic by both the North Dakota State Seed Department and the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association, ensuring they have a low incidence of tuber-borne diseases. You’ll find the following seed potato varieties from Carter Farms at this year’s Plant Sale: All Blue, MonDak Gold, and Dakota Rose.

Glacial Ridge Growers – Glenwood, Minnesota

Glacial Ridge Growers has been using sustainable greenhouse management practices for over 40 years to grow a huge variety of certified organic vegetables and herbs. Gene and Muriel Stark began their growing operation in the 1970s and now, with their son Jeremiah as head of production, propagate and grow plants in west-central Minnesota. In addition to a large array of native plants, they also grow and supply Mississippi Market with beautiful annuals, hardy perennials, and an array of organic vegetables and herbs. All of their plants are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals. Their greenhouses are state of the art, allowing them to closely control growing conditions while successfully implementing the use of beneficial predatory insects for all-natural pest control.

Green Earth Growers – Prior Lake, Minnesota

Since 2004, owners Jenny Hotz and Jolea Gress of Green Earth Growers have been committed to producing an extensive selection of quality annual flowers and vegetables. Located in Prior Lake, Minnesota, Green Earth Growers raises all of their plants in accordance with the national organic standards. This year, we’re carrying their exceptional collection of organic tomatoes including Brad’s Atomic Grape, Dark Galaxy, and Berkeley Tie Die, along with a selection of unusual and tasty vegetables like Mexican Gherkin, Malabar Spinach, and Alpine Strawberries, to name a few.

Prairie Road Organic Seed – Fullerton, North Dakota

Theresa and Dan Podoll, second generation farmers and seed stewards of Prairie Road Organic Seed, are committed to developing regionally-adapted vegetable and grain seeds. Certified organic since 1977, Prairie Road Organic Seed won the 2014 Organic Farmer of the Year Award from MOSES. They believe that the seed business is an extension of regional food systems and that “just as we need local food, we need local seeds”. The family works to create an alternative seed system that speaks to the direct needs of farmers and gardeners alike. We’re carrying nearly their full line of organic seeds this year and have the following varieties available as starts at the Plant Sale: Silvery Fir Tree Tomato, Sheyenne Tomato, and Hot Portugal Pepper.

Rush Creek Growers – Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Located in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, Rush Creek Growers work to bring you the most creative, practical, and delightful plant options for your edible garden. They grow a wide variety of exceptionally interesting plants using innovative, ethical, and environmentally-friendly practices including the use of compost tea, beneficial insects and fungi for disease and pest control, compostable pots, rainwater retention and reuse, and more. This year, we’re featuring an expanded selection of Rush Creek’s herbs, including new varieties of basil, lavender, mint, oregano, rosemary, and scented geraniums, along with all of their favorites we typically carry, and a few unusual ones like Papalos and Patchouli.