Image for Learn Tips for Success During Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month comes around each April to advocate for financial education that helps people improve their personal and household finances, achieve stability, and meet their goals. Financial literacy means understanding (and putting to practice) skills for success, such as managing finances, budgeting and investing.

Budgeting is especially important when it comes to your food bill, as groceries can take up a significant portion of your income. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite tips on creating a grocery budget, planning your meals for the week, and saving while shopping at the co-op.


Set a Budget

Easily figure out your baseline grocery budget with this online grocery budget calculator.


Plan Before You Shop

Read our meal planning guide.

Check out this printable meal planning calendar from Paper Trail Design.


Shop Savvy

View ways to save at the co-op, including taking advantage of sales and buying in bulk.

When it comes to produce, buying what’s in season will save you money.


Start New Habits

Food waste also wastes money! Utilize your freezer so you don’t have to spend more later on.

Try growing your own food, such as herbs, potatoes and sweet potatoes.