Image for Local Profile: Ferndale Market

Dale Peterson arrived in Cannon Falls, Minn., in 1939 ready to do what he loved — grow turkeys. He founded his farm in the Little Cannon River Valley with his wife, Fern. Now their grandson, John, and his wife, Erica, carry the farm into the third generation. They raise free-range turkeys and move the birds to fresh pasture weekly all summer long so they have access to clean air and fresh grass.

Ferndale turkeys are raised naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants, and enjoy constant access to a diet of custom-blended grains, vitamins, and minerals from a local feed mill. All Ferndale turkeys are processed naturally without additives. Ferndale ground turkey is available year-round at the co-op. You’ll also find whole Ferndale turkeys available at the co-op for Thanksgiving.