Image for Local Profile: Organic Valley

Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative whose central mission is “to support rural communities by protecting the health of the family farm – working toward both economic and environmental sustainability.” Founded over 30 years ago just across the Mississippi River in Wisconsin’s Coulee Region at a time when small farmers were given the message to get big or get out, seven farmers came together on a mission to change the way people thought about food. Today, their co-op has grown to include over 1,800 family farms that produce some of the highest-quality local dairy products available.

Over the years, Organic Valley has thoughtfully grown, never loosing sight of its central mission. Owned and operated by invested local farmers, Organic Valley focuses its attention on quality products, environmental sustainability, and farmer quality-of-life. Today, they’re a billion dollar organic business and operate as a vital partner in our local food economy.

At Mississippi Market, we strive to ensure our partnerships with farmers and vendors are equitable and more than simply “check the box” local. We build relationships with producers and distributors that share our cooperative values. We are proud of the strong relationship we’ve built with Organic Valley, who like us, helps people take more control over the economic forces in their lives while helping to create better lives for our local farmers and producers.

We carry an array of foods produced by farmers who are part of the Organic Valley cooperative family including many different kinds of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, cream, eggs, and more.