Image for Local Profile: Tempeh Tantrum

Begun in 2014, Minneapolis-based Tempeh Tantrum makes two varieties of fresh organic tempeh. A traditional Indonesian staple dating back to the 12th century, it has a unique nutty flavor and firm texture. Unlike tofu, which is made using soy milk, tempeh is made using whole soy beans, which are naturally cultured through a fermentation process that binds them into a cake form. Because of this fermentation process, tempeh is less processed than tofu and generally healthier since it contains greater amounts of protein and fiber.

Now available at Mississippi Market, you’ll find Tempeh Tantrum’s savory Soy Tempeh and Black Bean Tempeh. Handmade in small-batches using locally grown organic soybeans and black beans, these versatile ferments are full of nutrients, protein, and an array of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Created using high-quality ingredients, traditional methods, and innovative techniques, these GMO-free and preservative-free plant-based proteins go great in salads, sandwiches, stir fries, tacos, marinades, sauces, and seasonings. The black bean variety was created by Tempeh Tantrum in response to people searching for a tasty, nutritious soy alternative. Their Soy Tempeh has a mild, nutty, mushroomy flavor, while the Black Bean Tempeh has a bolder, more distinct flavor profile. Both varieties are available in 8oz packages, which yield 2-4 servings each depending on use.