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Mississippi Market offers hundreds of self-service bulk bins loaded with grains, rice, oats, beans, pasta, shelled nuts, coffee, teas, spices, granola, dried fruits, candy, and more. We also carry liquid bulk items including maple syrup, honey, oils, soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents. You’re sure to find something great in our well-stocked bulk department. Some of our best sellers include organic raisins, oats, honey, flour, walnuts, organic popcorn, and a variety of whole bean coffee.

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean dealing with large quantities. At the co-op, buying in bulk means reducing food waste, using minimal to no packaging, and saving money. You can even bring in your own reusable containers to fill! The best part is that it’s easier on the earth and your pocketbook.

How to Buy In Bulk

1. If you bring your own container, weigh it and record the weight while empty. Otherwise, use a bag or container provided in-store.

2. Fill your container or bag with the amount needed. Please use the clean scoops and funnels provided or ask for assistance if needed. We’re happy to help!

3. Record the PLU number from the bin on the container. That’s it!

Why Bulk?

Less Food Waste
Research shows that between 25% and 50% of the food Americans purchase ends up in the garbage or compost. Buying in bulk means you can buy only the amount you need – no waste!

Less Packaging Waste
Americans discard 570 million pounds of food packaging each day. By bringing your own reusable containers to purchase bulk foods, you avoid much of the waste associated with packaged products including boxes, bags and wrappers. Klean Kanteen’s reusable stainless steel food canisters work great when bulk buying and are currently 25% off throughout the month of August!

Lower Costs, Lower Prices
Without all those packages to design, manufacture and fill, our suppliers can offer us better costs on bulk foods than most packaged foods. We happily pass those savings on to you!