Image for Apple Season at the Co-op

Local apple season runs from mid-August to mid-October. While this popular fruit stores well and can be enjoyed year-round, certain apples from Whistling Well Farm in Hastings, Minn.; Hoch Orchard and Gardens in La Crescent, Minn.; and Partner Farms in Wisconsin are ready to enjoy at our Saint Paul grocery stores at different times during the season. Learn more below about their flavor profiles, availability and uses.

Tip: Keep your apples in a cool place, like the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

Tip: Treat your apples like eggs. “One bad apple spoils the bunch” is more than just a saying — it’s true! Even a small bruise increases the amount of ethylene gas apples emit, which will not only make the bruised apple ripen (and spoil) much faster, but also the apples around it. Handle your apples gently so you can enjoy them for longer. Of course, if they do get bruised up, you can still use them for cooking and baking!