Image for Enjoy Fair-Trade Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, and our friends at Equal Exchange Co-op have some great ideas to celebrate the fair-trade way!

The cacao Equal Exchange uses in their chocolate is monitored by independent, nonprofit, certifying organizations that guarantee it was produced and traded in a socially responsible manner. Equal Exchange buys directly from democratic farmer co-ops in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador and Panama, where the farmers have control of their business and can reinvest profits into their communities. You’ll find a variety of Equal Exchange chocolate bars at Mississippi Market, ranging from milk chocolate to extra, extra dark!

If you’re looking to woo your sweetie with wine and chocolate:

  • Pairing lighter chocolates with sweeter and lighter-bodied wines
  • Pairing more intense chocolates with more full-bodied wines
  • Looking for similar flavor notes (nutty, fruity, earthy) or contrasts that complement each other

For a caffeine kick, you can also pair chocolate with coffee. Try Equal Exchange’s Organic Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt bar with their Mind Body & Soul coffee; Organic Chocolate with Coconut Milk bar with Ethiopian Full City coffee; and Total Eclipse 92% Dark Chocolate bar with Midnight Sun coffee.

Do a Chocolate Tasting

Not only are chocolate tastings a fun couples activity, but they’re also great for friends, neighbors and family members!