Image for Enjoy Fair-Trade Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, and our friends at Equal Exchange Co-op have some great ideas to celebrate the fair-trade way!

The cacao Equal Exchange uses in their chocolate is monitored by independent, nonprofit, certifying organizations that guarantee it was produced and traded in a socially responsible manner. Equal Exchange buys directly from democratic farmer co-ops in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador and Panama, where the farmers have control of their business and can reinvest profits into their communities. You’ll find a variety of Equal Exchange chocolate bars at Mississippi Market, ranging from milk chocolate to extra, extra dark!

If you’re looking to woo your sweetie with wine and chocolate, Equal Exchange recommends:

  • Pairing lighter chocolates with sweeter and lighter-bodied wines
  • Pairing more intense chocolates with more full-bodied wines
  • Looking for similar flavor notes (nutty, fruity, earthy) or contrasts that complement each other

For a caffeine kick, you can also pair chocolate with coffee. Try Equal Exchange’s Organic Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt bar with their Mind Body & Soul coffee; Organic Chocolate with Coconut Milk bar with Ethiopian Full City coffee; and Total Eclipse 92% Dark Chocolate bar with Midnight Sun coffee.

Do a Chocolate Tasting

Not only are chocolate tastings a fun couples activity, but they’re also great for friends, neighbors and family members!