Image for Expanded Conventional Offerings at Our East 7th Store

As a community-owned grocery store, we exist to serve our community — which means providing more options to fit every budget. To expand food access and be more inclusive to everyone in our store neighborhoods, we are bringing in a small variety of competitively priced conventional products. We know everyone has a different food journey: Some may rely on lower-cost, conventional staples to keep their families fed; some may choose not to use these products; and others may select a mix of conventional and organic items to best fit their household’s needs. With rising inflation and an uncertain economy, we understand the importance of having options at different price points.

The vast majority of offerings at the co-op will remain natural, sustainable, organic and/or local, even as we add some conventional options to our East 7th store. We have already been carrying a limited assortment of conventional groceries at all three stores as part of the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) federal food assistance program. Both the WIC program and our new expansion of conventional items are to help ensure everyone in our community can maintain access to food. We will also continue to offer some fresh, conventionally grown produce options.

Food access is a crucial part of our work to sustain a healthy community. Learn more about food justice here.