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Welcome to Holiday Wine Parings with Wine Thief and Ale Jail. Check back to this post throughout the months of November and December. We’ll update this post with wine, beer, and food pairings that will make your tastebuds soar! These delights come from our Community Partner, The Wine Thief & Ale Jail, and are sure to elevate your celebration. Don’t forget to steal back your time this holiday season by ordering co-op catering for some or all of your holiday meal.

Wine and Cheese Pairings for Holiday Charcuterie

Les Baux de Provence Rouge | Mas de Gourgonnier 2021 A cabernet sauvignon from Provence, France with flavors of cherry and strawberry and earthy notes like leather and mushroom.  

Hook’s 7 Year Cheddar A sharp 7-year aged cow’s milk cheddar with mellowing acidity and smooth flavor.  

  • Quince & Apple Shallot Red Wine Confit 
  • Lesley Stowe Raincoast Salty Date 
  • Almond Crisps 


Westmalle Dubbel | Belgium Dubbel | ABV 7%
Aromas of dark fruit and raisins. Lively on the tongue, warm and dark taste with woody notes. Deeply malty, roasted flavor enhanced by yeast. Sweet candy, dates, and figs. 

Riesling | Sturmwolken A white wine from Pfalz, Germany with notes of citrus, melon, green apple, honey, and mineral. 

Hermon | Golan Heights Winery A Kosher white blend from Galilee, Israel with tropical fruit flavors of citrus, melon, pear as well as earthy and herbal flavors like honey, elderflower. Finishes with butter and oak. 

Latkes with Honey Mustard Applesauce 

Latkes with Honey Mustard Applesauce – Mississippi Market Co-op (
Elevate your celebration with a sweet twist on the traditional latke. Grated potatoes and onions, combined with matzo meal and eggs, create crispy latkes served warm, perfectly paired with Honey Mustard Applesauce. 


Rosso Ulzbach | De Vescovi Ulzbach A Teroldego Rosé from the Teroldego Rotaliano region of Northern Italy with flavors of oak, chocolate, cedar, black fruit, cherry, and notes of earthy flavors like balsamic and black pepper.

Redhead Creamery Lucky Linda A cow’s milk clothbound cheddar aged for a minimum of 6 months; Lucky Linda is a smooth, savory cheddar with hints of umami from its aging process.

Enjoy this wine and cheese pairing with the following accouterment:

  • Quince and Apple Fig-Black Tea Preserves
  • Fresh apple
  • Rustic Bakery Sel Gris Flatbread


Giato Grillo-Catarratto | Centopassi A Grillo – Catarratto Bianco from the Sicilia Region of Southern Italy with flavors of green apple, pear, citrus, and earthy/mineral notes like almonds, pistachios, saline, and stone.

Alemar Cheese Company Apricity This soft-ripened, bloomed rind, grass-fed cow milk cheese is light and crisp with a bit of tang.

Enjoy this wine and cheese pairing with the following accouterment:

  • Mitica Lavender Honey
  • Rustic Bakery Apricot-Pistachio-Brandy Crisps


Dry Riesling | Union Sacré A dry orange Riesling from Paso Robles, CA with a bright palate and flavors or apricot, orange peel, quince, strawberry and dry mineral. A fun, interesting orange wine a perfect conversation piece for holiday get-togethers.

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Tête de Moine
is a semi-hard, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland, originating over eight centuries ago in the Bernese Jura. Its name, meaning ‘Monk’s Head,’ reflects its monastic roots. Aged for at least 2.5 months on spruce planks, the cheese has a reddish-brown, moist crust and a yellow-to-ivory paste. The unique ‘Girolle’ tool, created in 1982, is used to scrape the cheese into fine rosettes.

Enjoy this wine and cheese pairing with the following accouterment:

  • Red berry jams and preserves.
  • Fresh apple, pears, and figs
  • Prosciutto