Image for Holiday Wine Pairings from the Wine Thief & Ale Jail

Whether you are making your own holiday meal or looking to order a ready-to-go catered meal from the co-op, these wine pairings from our Community Partner, The Wine Thief & Ale Jail, are sure to elevate your celebration. If you do choose co-op catering for some or all of your holiday meal, you’ll find pairings from the food menu highlighted in these wine recommendations.

Whites and Rosés

Pannonica Rosé 2021 – $13.99

This lovely Austrian blend of Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, and Blaufrankish has fresh raspberry notes that play off the cranberry sauce and wild rice & cranberry salad. Lychee, pear and melon lead to a faint peppercorn spice and crisp finish, while a lively acidity refreshes the palate to send you diving back into the turkey and mushroom gravy.

Left Coast White Pinot Noir – $23.99

A white wine for red wine drinkers. A little rounder in the mouth to match the richness of the plate; equally good for dark and white meat eaters, but with enough body to stand up to the vegan lentil walnut loaf. Honeysuckle, pear and dried apricot whisper for another bite of maple glazed yams, yet finishes dry with a hint of minerality.

Francis Blanchet Calcite Pouílly Fumé 2021 – $22.99

This lovely Sauvignon Blanc is not only the perfect wine to start your dinner (the best choice for the garlic chive cheese ball), but will practically sing through the whole meal! Balanced minerality with notes of honey, lime leaf, elderflower, and a slight mushroom undercurrent echo the earthy herbaceous notes on your plate. For those of us who find the sides the best part, roasted Brussels sprouts and pecans, green salad and green beans amandine will pair perfectly.

Sturmwolken Riesling 2019 – $14.99

This off-dry (leaning toward the dry side) gem has the body and acidity to pair with everything from the gorgonzola cheese ball to the apple pie. Honey and citrus blossom notes and hints of apple and white pepper will please every generation in the family.


Monte Degli Angeli Pinot Noir 2020 – $14.99

This Pinot Noir is beloved for its quality and value. It has a lovely strawberry-raspberry-cherry mélange of taut ripe fruit with the slightest savory note of ripe summer tomato. Lively acidity and good minerality ripple through each swallow, contrasting the richness of mashed potatoes and poultry gravy, playing off the wild rice & cranberry salad.

Earl Paul Durdilly et Fils Les Grandes Coasses Beaujolais 2020 – $14.99

This light- to medium-bodied wine has low tannins and tons of flavor — blackberry, raspberry and violets on the nose and silky, smoky red fruits, with hints of blood orange. It will pair perfectly with the vegan lentil walnut loaf, mushroom gravy, and maple glazed yams.

Saladin Pilastri Rosso Piceno 2020 – $9.99

This wine has so much bang for the buck and is great if you serve a crowd. Certified organic grapes belay berry fruits, a slight herbaceous, earthy, “almond extract,” and mint with a soft tannic finish. It will rock the traditional stuffing, vegan lentil walnut loaf, all the gravies, and the turkey.

Château de Ségriès Cote du Rhone 2020 – $19.99

This medium-bodied red blend has the heft to stand up to the vegan lentil walnut loaf. Herby, peppery flavors liven up the taste buds and work with the traditional stuffing and mushroom gravy and wild rice & cranberry salad.