Image for Staff Review: Plant-Based Yogurts

At the co-op, we carry items for everyone. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant, you’ll find plenty of plant-based burgers, sausages, cheeses, yogurts, milks, ice creams and more throughout our stores. Need help deciding which options to try? Our staff weighed in!

We looked at the plant-based yogurt brands we carry and did a taste test of the vanilla flavor of each brand. We tried Silk (soy-based), Kitehill (almond-based), Forager (cashew-based), Nancy’s (oat-based) and Culina, So Delicious, Cocoyo and Siggi’s (all coconut-based).

While each brand has its merits, these three in particular won us over:

1st Place: Culina Bourbon Vanilla

What we liked:

  • “Wonderfully thick and creamy”
  • “Nice and tangy”
  • “Clean tasting”
  • “Lightly sweet, with a subtle, natural-tasting vanilla flavor. Even though it’s coconut-based, it doesn’t taste like coconut.”

Note: This flavor is currently only available at our East 7th and West 7th stores.

2nd Place: Cocoyo Vanilla Yogurt

What we liked:

  • “Very coconutty”
  • “Smooth, tart, clean and probiotic-rich”
  • “Most unique”
  • “Light and not too sweet, with a pleasant coconut flavor. Even the texture is coconutty — it’s like each spoonful has super-fine shredded coconut in it.”

3rd Place: Siggi’s Vanilla & Cinnamon Plant-Based Coconut Blend

What we liked:

  • “The cinnamon is a nice addition”
  • “Good flavor; creamy; would be good in a parfait”
  • “Best thick consistency”