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Our Local Producers

At the co-op, local is at the heart of what we do.

We define “local” as food and products grown, produced, or processed within a five-state area that includes Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. We know our local farmers and locally-owned businesses personally – we visit their kitchens and farms and love seeing exactly where our food comes from and how it’s grown, raised, and made. When you choose local, not only does it taste better (thanks to shorter travel distances!) but more of your food dollars stay in our local community.

Alemar Cheese

Mankato, MN

Alemar Cheese was founded on the premise that great ingredients coupled with patience, knowledge, and passion can produce extraordinary results. Named after cheesemaker Keith Adam’s two daughters, Alex and Mari, Alemar makes small-batch French-inspired artisan cheeses using pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows.

Ames Farm

 Watertown, MN

Ames Farm is a nationally recognized producer of single source raw honey. Each jar of Ames honey contains its location, hive number, and floral source, highlighting the time and place in Minnesota where it was made. Ames Farm honey is created by bees that collect pollen from local basswood, sweet clover, prairie flowers, alfalfa, and other native plants, resulting in a variety of unique flavors.

Angelica’s Garden

Elmwood, WI

Angelica and Mike Hollstadt are the proprietors of Angelica’s Garden. They grow two acres of organic green cabbage, Napa cabbage, garlic, and daikon radishes in Elmwood, Wisconsin, and make Angelica’s kimchi, sauerkraut and other raw fermented products on site in their farmhouse.

Artisan Naan Bakery

St. Cloud, MN

Tahir Sandhu and Gwen Williams opened their small-batch naan bakery in November 2014. Their hand-tossed, never-frozen naan is made with artisan flour from King Arthur Flour Company; local Minnesota products such as whole milk from Stony Creek Dairy and Smude’s extra virgin sunflower oil; and their own house-made yogurt. Their Marvel Naan, with a bolder and slightly nuttier flavor than traditional naan, is made with Kernza, a sustainable, perennial-grain flour. Tahir and Gwen love naan; it’s their preferred bread at home no matter what kind of meal they are eating — classic Punjabi foods, fried eggs, soups, chili, lasagna, sandwiches and more.

B&Ds Farm

Northfield, MN

B&Ds Farm has cultivated four seasons of fresh produce and flowers for more than 30 years. This family-owned farm uses only sustainable growing practices and has a long history with the Saint Paul Farmers’ Market.

Baba’s Hummus

Minneapolis, MN

Baba means father, and creator Jamal Ansari’s dream was to share the authentic flavors of his home Jerusalem with the world. He has now been serving this hummus recipe for 40 years. The traditional style hummus is creamy, smooth, and full of flavor!

Bare Honey

Minneapolis, MN

Bare Honey is committed to local food, farms, and Minnesota-made honey. They produce and distribute chemical- and antibiotic-free, single-source, 100% pure honey in a variety of flavors, including Raw Wildflower, Clover, Lavender Blossom, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Hot & Spicy, and more. In addition to raising their own bees, they work closely with other local family farmers to provide top-quality pollination for their Minnesota-grown fruits and vegetables.

Beeler’s Pork

Le Mars, IA

Beeler’s Pork offers premium quality, antibiotic-free Heritage Duroc pork products, meticulously raised to ensure exceptional taste and welfare. Their pork is free from gestation crates, antibiotics, and GMOs, with a focus on humane practices and minimal additives. With six generations of expertise, Beeler’s remains committed to delivering the finest pork products while upholding family values and high standards of quality and animal care.

Brake Bread

St. Paul, MN

Brake Bread is a local community-supported bakery that delivers fresh baked goods via bicycle within St. Paul. All of their breads are naturally leavened (sourdough) and all of the grains they use are certified organic or grown using organic practices to support Minnesota farmers going through the organic transition process. Each loaf directly supports local Minnesota farmers, millers and bakers. You can find their delicious freshly baked breads at our Selby and West 7th store locations.

Bryn Mawr Soap

Minneapolis, MN

Bryn Mawr Soap Co. was founded in January, 2000 by Karen Soderberg and Stephen Harvey. It evolved from a soap making hobby into a business focused on inspiring people to use all-natural soap. Their aromatic handcrafted soaps use natural essential oils for scent and retain all of their natural glycerin content, making them extra moisturizing and soothing.