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Our Local Producers

Alemar Cheese

Mankato, MN

Alemar Cheese was founded on the premise that great ingredients coupled with patience, knowledge, and passion can produce extraordinary results. Named after cheesemaker Keith Adam’s two daughters, Alex and Mari, Alemar makes small batch French-inspired artisan cheeses using pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows at a local organic dairy.

Ames Farm

 Watertown, Minnesota

Ames Farm is a nationally recognized producer of single source raw honey. Each jar of Ames honey contains its location, hive number, and floral source, highlighting the time and place in Minnesota where it was made. Ames Farm honey is created by bees that collect pollen from local basswood, sweet clover, prairie flowers, alfalfa, and other native plants, resulting in a variety of unique flavors.

Angelica’s Garden

Elmwood, WI

Angelica and Mike Hollstadt are the proprietors of Angelica’s Garden. They grow two acres of organic green cabbage, Napa cabbage, garlic, and daikon radishes in Elmwood, Wisconsin, and make Angelica’s kimchi, sauerkraut and other raw fermented products on site in their farmhouse.

Beez Kneez

Minneapolis, MN

The Beez Kneez is a local, woman-owned honey producer and pollinator advocacy organization that delivers honey year-round by bicycle. In 2017, The Beez Kneez installed two honeybee hives on the rooftop of our West 7th store. Since then, the bees have been hard at work collecting wildflower pollen along the Mississippi River bluffs and from parks and backyards in surrounding neighborhoods. The resulting hyper-local, zip-sourced honey is available on our shelves and was produced right here, at your favorite neighborhood co-op!


Minneapolis, MN

Bodylish was started by Nora and Jay Schaper to combine their love of the environment with their passion for real body care. They make 100% natural and organic bath bombs and soaps using vegetables, plants, nuts, and flowers. Their products use minimal packaging, and are non-toxic, waterway safe, cruelty-free, and just plain awesome! Bodylish donates 1% of their annual revenue to Clean Water Action, an organization that protects “our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life”.

Brake Bread

St. Paul, MN

Brake Bread is a local community-supported bakery that delivers fresh baked goods via bicycle within St. Paul. They sell their delicious naturally-leavened, fresh baked breads directly at our Selby and West 7th stores. Our West 7th store also serves as a delivery and pick up site for their weekly CSA bread subscribers.

Bryn Mawr Soap

Minneapolis, MN

Bryn Mawr Soap Co. was founded in January, 2000 by Karen Soderberg and Stephen Harvey. It evolved from a soapmaking hobby into a business focused on inspiring people to use all-natural soap. Their aromatic handcrafted soaps use natural essential oils for scent and retain all of their natural glycerin content, making them extra moisturizing and soothing.

Deane’s Kombucha

Minneapolis, MN

Bryan Deane Bertsch began brewing kombucha using traditional techniques in 2006. Today, Deane’s Kombucha is still brewed in small batches with the original well-cared for culture. Deane’s Kombucha is the only Minnesota commercial kombucha brewed in 30 gallon oak barrels that is fermented with whole, organic fruit. Each batch contains 100% organic ingredients, including kombucha culture, gunpowder green tea, cane sugar, and whole fruits and herbs for individual flavors.

Deer Creek Cheese

Sheboygan, WI

Deer Creek brings the very best and most consistent cheeses to marketplace by hand selecting outstanding specialty vats and working with some of the very best cheese makers in Wisconsin. They develop and handcraft superb unique originals and renovate classic heritage varieties to share the simple pleasure of enjoying an exceptional piece of cheese with cheese lovers everywhere.

Farmer to Farmer

Glenwood City, WI

Farmer to Farmer (FTF) is a primarily volunteer-run nonprofit that supports international peace, mutually-beneficial friendships, and cross-cultural understanding among rural farmers. They are a Wisconsin-based organization that successfully operates a fair-trade coffee business, mainly collaborating with Guatemalan and Honduran farmers and their families to bring ethically traded, environmentally responsible, locally roasted coffee to the Upper Midwest. FTF has established an organic Honduran coffee cooperative to combat the commodity market’s focus on quantity over quality.