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Our Local Producers

Larry Schultz Organic Farm

Owatonna, MN

Larry Schultz’s family has been using organic farming methods since his great-grandfather first moved onto their land in Owatonna. He prides himself on selling the freshest eggs possible – they’re candled and graded the same day as they’re laid! Schultz free-range, organic turkeys and chickens are fed organic flax seeds, small grains, pasture grasses and bugs, making for happy birds, flavorful poultry, and rich colored egg yolks.

Mama C’s Salsa

St. Paul, MN

East Side maker Mama C’s Salsa is a family-run labor of love. Owner Juan Cervantes and his sisters, daughters, and their significant others all pitch in to make salsa inspired by a family recipe from the Jalisco region of Mexico. Jalapenos are hand-roasted over an open flame, then peeled, sliced, and added to diced tomatoes with freshly squeezed lime juice, garlic, and salt. The resulting salsa is packed full of flavor. No preservatives or additives are used, and most ingredients are locally sourced.

Marieke’s Gouda

Thorp, WI

Marieke was born and raised in the Netherlands where she grew up on her parents’ 60 cow dairy farm. After moving to the U.S., she started a 350 cow dairy farm and began producing authentic Dutch Gouda in Thorp, Wisconsin. In 2015, Marieke was the first woman to win the Wisconsin outstanding young farmer award. The equipment, cultures, herbs and spices she uses are all imported from Holland. Milk for Marieke’s Gouda is rBGH-free and comes from nearby Penterman Farm cows, directly from the first milking of the day.

Milton Creamery

Milton, IA

Milton Creamery is the result of a dream – a dream of doing something to help others in the agricultural world and beyond, adding value to milk for dairy farmers, creating jobs in the local community, and bringing you a product created with art and passion from Southeast Iowa.

Mustard Seed Farm

Marine on St. Croix, MN

This local, family-run farm, located just over 30 miles from Saint Paul in Marine on St. Croix, raises grass-fed, pasture-raised lambs. In 2015, Mississippi Market developed a strong relationship with the farm and started purchasing Mustard Seed lamb for sale in our stores, enabling them to offer it year-round, available exclusively at our co-op.

Organic Valley

Western WI

Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative that supports rural communities by protecting the health of family farms while working toward economic and environmental sustainability. Founded 27 years ago just across the Mississippi River in Wisconsin’s Coulee Region at a time when small farmers were given the message to get big or get out, seven farmers came together on a mission to change the way people thought about food. Today, their co-op has grown to include over 1,800 family farms that produce some of the highest-quality local dairy products available. We carry many kinds of Organic Valley milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, cream, eggs, and more.

humanely raised pork

Pastures A Plenty

Kerkhoven, MN

Pastures A Plenty is a grazing-based farm that uses a holistic agricultural management model focused on environmental, community, and long-term farm sustainability. They specifically raise breeds of hogs that love to be outside. Their hogs are fed primarily on pasture and never receive hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.

Peace Coffee

Minneapolis, MN

Since 1996, Peace Coffee has been firmly rooted in the business of responsible and sustainable partnerships with each link in the journey that beautiful coffees take. They purchase only organic, fair trade coffees from small-scale grower cooperatives that invest in their farmers to combat unstable markets and shifting climates. They deliver by bike, hand label, and taste each of their coffees to make sure each batch is just right.

Red Barn Family Farms

Appleton, WI

Red Barn Family Farms was founded in 2008 with a mission to preserve small family owned and operated farms by paying fair and sustainable wages based on humane, ethical animal care. The farmers excel at individualized, humane animal care, which results in excellent animal health and can ultimately be seen in the quality of milk their cows produce. These practices result in high-quality milk that is used to craft the most delicious cheese!

Red Head Creamery

Brooten, MN

Woman-owned and -operated, Red Head Creamery has been making artisan, farmstead cheese since 2013. Named after co-owner Alise Sjostrom, the creamery is a childhood dream come to fruition on her family’s dairy farm. The term farmstead is indicative of cheese made directly on the farm where fresh milk is collected, allowing the creamery the unique ability to adjust the milks’ fat and protein levels to impact the final cheeses’ rich textures and flavors.