Image for Get Ready for September with a New Lunchbox

September is a great time to stock up on lunch containers. We’ve compiled a list of options to add to your arsenal of take-along pails and packs.

Bamboo & Glass Storage Container by BIA Cordon Bleu
U-KONSERVE Divided To-Go Container
U-KONSERVE Insulated Food Jar
Danica HEIRLOOM Tiffin Food Container
  • Why we love it: This is a perfect container when you want (or need) to separate foods. And it will surely be a talking piece with anyone who sees it.
  • What to pack: Sweet Potato Curry with Brown Rice and a kachumber salad. It’s great for Indian food; Mississippi Market staff even bring a Tiffin for leftovers at Indian restaurants!
ZOKU Neat Bento Jr.
Mason Jar
  • Why we love it: A truly leakproof container. It’s very cost-effective and has a lot of uses!
  • What to pack: Lemony Summer Squash Salad
Pack-It Lunchboxes