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Zero Waste Shopping Tips

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Celebrate Earth Day all year-round by reducing waste when shopping at the co-op. Buy in Bulk — Great Taste, Less Waste Buy only the amount of food you need by buying in bulk. Buying in bulk is also one of the best ways to save money, as some items, like…

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Bulk Buying Tips

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At the co-op, buying in bulk means less food waste and less packaging waste. How? When buying in bulk, you can purchase only the amount needed, reducing what might otherwise be thrown away. You can also bring in your own reusable container, or use a provided bag, and avoid much…

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Organics Composting Now Available

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In pursuit of your co-op’s ongoing efforts to operate more sustainably and efficiently by reducing waste, utilizing renewable resources, and lessening our environmental impact, organics composting can now be found at all three Mississippi Market locations. Since early October 2018, organics composting bins have been present in the seating…

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Regenerative Agriculture, a Step Beyond

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“Sustainable agriculture”—you’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? From a production and distribution standpoint, “sustainable” often refers to a three-tiered model focused on systemic social, environmental, and economic impacts. From an agricultural perspective, this can mean ensuring fair labor wages and working conditions, implementing ecologically-friendly farming practices such…

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