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How Your Support Contributes to the Multiplier Effect

Image for How Your Support Contributes to the Multiplier Effect

For every $1 you spend at your local co-op, $1.60 is generated in the local economy. While this feels pretty magical, it’s not magic — it’s called the multiplier effect, and it tracks how money is recirculated in our immediate and larger community. With that $1, the co-op turns around…

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Q&A: Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund (LEAFF)

Image for Q&A: Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund (LEAFF)

A Q&A with Nikki Warner, Communications Director at The Good Acre Why did you start the LEAFF program? LEAFF was launched as a collaboration among The Good Acre, Mill City Farmers Market, Lakewinds Food Co-op, the Latino Economic Development Center, The Food Group and the Hmong American Partnership…

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Positive Change: Impact Report 2020

Image for Positive Change: Impact Report 2020

Thank you! Due to your generosity, we donated $144,242.40 to 12 local nonprofit organizations this year through our Positive Change program. That total includes over 20,000 10-cent bag credits with donations from nearly 300,000 shoppers, making it truly a grassroots community effort.

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Apple Season at the Co-op

Image for Apple Season at the Co-op

Local apple season runs from mid-August to mid-October. While this popular fruit stores well and can be enjoyed year-round, certain apples from Whistling Well Farm in Hastings, Minn.; Hoch Orchard and Gardens in La Crescent, Minn.; and Partner Farms in Wisconsin are ready to enjoy at our Saint Paul grocery…

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Meet The Good Acre

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Season Preview with The Good Acre & Mississippi Market Wednesday, May 6  |  5:00-6:00 p.m.  |  Live-Streamed Join The Good Acre and Mississippi Market from the comfort of your home for a look at the upcoming growing season. Topics will include current climate and weather-related challenges that our farmers are…

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Explore the Versatility of Gourmet Mushrooms

Image for Explore the Versatility of Gourmet Mushrooms

Explore the many tastes, textures, and health benefits of these versatile gourmet mushrooms from Northwood Mushrooms (Clayton, Wisc.) and R&R Cultivation (Twin Cities, Minn.). Shiitake One of the most popular mushrooms worldwide, Shiitakes are prized for their rich, savory taste and nutritional…

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Honoring the African-American
Co-op Movement

Image for Honoring the African-American<br>Co-op Movement

Interior view, Credjafawn Co-op Store, 678 Rondo, St. Paul. ca 198. Locator no. HF4.6 p7, Negative no. 20099. © Minnesota Historical Society Collection.   To truly understand the power of cooperatives, we must recognize, share, and celebrate contributions to the movement by a multitude of races and cultures, especially those…

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Local Profile: The Coven

Image for Local Profile: The Coven

Community Workspaces for Women, Non-Binary & Trans Folks Founded in Minneapolis’ North Loop, The Coven fosters community through intersectional coworking spaces geared toward women, non-binary, and transgender individuals. Their first location symbolically opened its doors on International Women’s Day (March 8), 2018.

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Introducing: New Ways to Save

Image for Introducing: New Ways to Save

Mississippi Market has partnered with several of our favorite local businesses to bring member-owners special savings in each of our store neighborhoods. Our Community Partner Program provides additional benefits to co-op member-owners while strengthening the connection between members and local, sustainable, independently-owned businesses. This program is another way your…

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Village Financial Co-op & The Power of Cooperative Economies

Image for Village Financial Co-op & The Power of Cooperative Economies

What role do local co-ops have in expanding and supporting cooperative economies to better serve the needs of all Minnesotans? How can we collectively shape a more-inclusive cooperative economy that builds and retains community wealth and well-being for everyone while closing Minnesota’s income inequality gap? As the state with the…

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