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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Chef Gustavo Romero Veytia of Nixta

Sept. 15–Oct. 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month, a period that honors generations of Latinx Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our country. During this month-long annual tribute, we celebrate the rich cultural traditions, histories, and contributions of those who can trace their ethnic roots to Spain,…

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Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Strawberries

Image for Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Strawberries

We were informed of a single case of hepatitis A that was traced back to organic strawberries sold at the co-op on March 21, 2022. Strawberries sold at Mississippi Market were under UPC 7503018074290. Out of an abundance of caution, given potential for customers to freeze this item, we want…

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Summer Reads by BIPOC Authors

Image for Summer Reads by BIPOC Authors

Whether you prefer to read in a hammock, sitting by the water or while lying in the grass, these thought-provoking picks from your co-op staff will be hard to put down. The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson (Local Author) One snowy winter’s day, Rosalie Iron Wing returns to the home…

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Tips for Roasting Frozen Vegetables

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Utilizing frozen vegetables is both affordable and convenient, allowing you to stock up and spread out your grocery trips. They are frozen at peak freshness, which means they are often as nutritious as fresh vegetables. You can roast frozen vegetables without even thawing them, and they turn out crisp and…

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Cooperation Among Co-ops

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October is National Co-op Month, a time to reflect on the values and principles that make community-owned co-ops unique. This is a great opportunity to highlight some of the wonderful cooperative partners whose products you’ll find on our shelves. Not only do these businesses make delicious food and drinks, they…

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DIY Cleaning Supplies

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Homemade cleaning supplies are easy to make, affordable, and safer for both your home and the environment. Most likely, you have many of these common household ingredients already on hand. Transform your cleaning routine by making these DIY recipes from Aura Cacia. All-Purpose Cleaning Spray A multipurpose home cleaning spray…

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