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Meet Chef Lachelle Cunningham

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Chef Lachelle has been a dynamic force on the Twin Cities food scene and is known for cooking globally inspired comfort food that thwarts unhealthy stereotypes and fuses in global flavors. She began her culinary career by launching Chelles’ Kitchen in 2012 and soon became known for her work…

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Plant-Based Grilling

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Grilling season is the best, and it’s not just for meat and kabobs! Plant-based menu planning for the grill means using creative, colorful combinations that will please any BBQ fan, especially when using local, peak-season produce. Here are some of our favorite ideas for grilled vegan goodies that you can…

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Staff Review: Plant-Based Yogurts

Image for Staff Review: Plant-Based Yogurts

At the co-op, we carry items for everyone. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant, you’ll find plenty of plant-based burgers, sausages, cheeses, yogurts, milks, ice creams and more throughout our stores. Need help deciding which options to try? Our staff weighed in! We looked at the plant-based yogurt brands…

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Root Veggies: A Bounty of Options at the Co-op

Image for Root Veggies: A Bounty of Options at the Co-op

Root vegetables are so much more than carrots and potatoes. We offer a wide selection here at the co-op, from turnips and red beets to daikon and kohlrabi. The 13 veggies highlighted below are nutritious, fiber-filled and versatile. Store them wrapped in your crisper drawer to enjoy the…

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Celebrate World Vegan Day

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Whether you’ve been eating vegan for years or are just starting out, celebrate World Vegan Day on Nov. 1 with some of our favorite plant-based recipes. Hungry for more? Click the “vegan” filter on our recipe page or browse all recipes.  …

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Introducing Jess Toliver & the Eat More Plants Series

Image for Introducing Jess Toliver & the Eat More Plants Series

Jess Toliver is a holistic chef and owner of Jess Delicious. Her experience with lifelong food sensitivities led her to develop a passion for health and wellness. After graduating culinary school and working in restaurants for many years, Jess started her personal chef business to connect with the people she…

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Plant-Based Eating in the New Year

Image for Plant-Based Eating in the New Year

This New Year, consider incorporating more plant-based foods into your life for improved health and well-being. Kickstart this commitment by including more fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, and whole grains into your daily routine. While the focus is on eating more plants and less meat, salt, sugar, and processed foods, plant-based…

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Local Profile: Tempeh Tantrum

Image for Local Profile: Tempeh Tantrum

Begun in 2014, Minneapolis-based Tempeh Tantrum makes two varieties of fresh organic tempeh. A traditional Indonesian staple dating back to the 12th century, it has a unique nutty flavor and firm texture. Unlike tofu, which is made using soy milk, tempeh is made using whole soy…

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