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Brighten Your Winter with Houseplants

Image for Brighten Your Winter with Houseplants

Kick the winter blues with our 20% off houseplant sale from Jan. 17-23! With their lush green leaves and natural beauty, houseplants not only breathe life into the cold, dark, and dreary winter days but also offer numerous benefits. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, houseplants can help ease stress, boost feelings…

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How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden

Image for How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden

Who are the pollinators? Native bees and honeybees, butterflies and moths, flies, wasps, beetles and hummingbirds. Things to think about when planning your garden Native plant species are most attractive to pollinators. If you have a choice between a cultivar and a native variety, choose the native variety. The food…

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Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Pollinators

Image for Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Pollinators

Attract pollinators to your garden early next spring by planting flowering bulbs this fall. Choose a variety of bulbs to appeal to different pollinators and ones that will keep your garden blooming from early spring until summer. Groupings of like flowers are more attractive to pollinators out looking for nectar,…

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Planting Fall Crops

Image for Planting Fall Crops

Early to mid-summer is the perfect time to plan ahead for the rest of the growing season. The average first frost date for the Saint Paul area is Oct. 1, so there is still plenty of time to plant and get abundant crops! Check the backs of seed packages for…

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Dill-ight in Homegrown Herbs

Image for Dill-ight in Homegrown Herbs

Growing your own herbs not only helps you feel connected to what you eat, but it’s also a great way to save money. Instead of buying herbs for every recipe, you can purchase a plant once and keep a continuous, fresh supply on hand — simply snip off what you…

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Regrow Your Food Scraps

Image for Regrow Your Food Scraps

Don’t compost your kitchen scraps just yet. One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to reduce food waste is to use your food scraps to regrow vegetables and herbs. You’ll want to start with healthy, organic vegetables or herbs and glass jars. Not everything will sprout; you may need…

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Patio & Small-Space Gardening

Image for Patio & Small-Space Gardening

Want a garden but don’t have much of a yard? Try your hand at container or small-space gardening! Many vegetables grow well in small spaces, providing you give them what they need: good soil, adequate watering, and sunshine. And there are many beautiful combinations of vegetables, herbs and flowers that…

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Grow Your Own Garlic

Image for Grow Your Own Garlic

Get planting in October for homegrown garlic next year! Follow the guide below from our Floral and Plant Sale Coordinator, Maureen, to enjoy the freshest garlic at home. What Garlic Needs to Grow Well Full sun Lofty soil, rich in organic matter Even watering Good drainage No competition from weeds…

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