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International Women’s Day at the Co-op

International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 is “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” Observed since the early 20th century, IWD is an annual  celebration of women and a call to accelerate gender equality through a show of unity,…

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Anti-racism Book Recommendations

Image for Anti-racism Book Recommendations

Founded on the co-op ideals of diversity, inclusion, equality, equity and social justice, Mississippi Market is committed to continuously working toward anti-racism. This list of book recommendations, based on the anti-racism collection in our staff library, aims to help our community continue to learn, grow and stand up for what’s…

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Recognizing Native American Heritage Month

Image for Recognizing Native American Heritage Month

We acknowledge that our three store locations in Imni Ża Ska in Mni Sota Makoce (now known as Saint Paul, Minnesota) are on the traditional territory of the Dakota people, who have been deeply connected to the land within and beyond the boundaries of our state for centuries. The Dakota…

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How Your Support Contributes to the Multiplier Effect

Image for How Your Support Contributes to the Multiplier Effect

For every $1 you spend at your local co-op, $1.60 is generated in the local economy. While this feels pretty magical, it’s not magic — it’s called the multiplier effect, and it tracks how money is recirculated in our immediate and larger community. With that $1, the co-op turns around…

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Q&A: Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund (LEAFF)

Image for Q&A: Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund (LEAFF)

A Q&A with Nikki Warner, Communications Director at The Good Acre Why did you start the LEAFF program? LEAFF was launched as a collaboration among The Good Acre, Mill City Farmers Market, Lakewinds Food Co-op, the Latino Economic Development Center, The Food Group and the Hmong American Partnership…

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Positive Change: Impact Report 2020

Image for Positive Change: Impact Report 2020

Thank you! Due to your generosity, we donated $144,242.40 to 12 local nonprofit organizations this year through our Positive Change program. That total includes over 20,000 10-cent bag credits with donations from nearly 300,000 shoppers, making it truly a grassroots community effort.

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Meet The Good Acre

Image for Meet The Good Acre

Season Preview with The Good Acre & Mississippi Market Wednesday, May 6  |  5:00-6:00 p.m.  |  Live-Streamed Join The Good Acre and Mississippi Market from the comfort of your home for a look at the upcoming growing season. Topics will include current climate and weather-related challenges that our farmers are…

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Honoring the African-American
Co-op Movement

Image for Honoring the African-American<br>Co-op Movement

Interior view, Credjafawn Co-op Store, 678 Rondo, St. Paul. ca 198. Locator no. HF4.6 p7, Negative no. 20099. © Minnesota Historical Society Collection.   To truly understand the power of cooperatives, we must recognize, share, and celebrate contributions to the movement by a multitude of races and cultures, especially those…

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Empowering Kids to Change the World

Image for Empowering Kids to Change the World

By Molly Sowash, Midwest Food Connection Food Educator Food has always been at the center of our social interactions, cultural traditions, and the health and wealth of our communities. Therefore, it’s important that our children learn things like the history of the potato, the simple ingredients of pasta, or…

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Meet Yia Vang of Union Kitchen

Image for Meet Yia Vang of Union Kitchen

Meet Yia at our Annual Member-Owner Meeting & Celebration Lately, Yia Vang of Union Kitchen has had an active presence in local media platforms and at well-respected food establishments throughout the Twin Cities. Over the past two years, he’s taught a series of Southeast Asian cooking…

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