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Empowering Kids to Change the World

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By Molly Sowash, Midwest Food Connection Food Educator Food has always been at the center of our social interactions, cultural traditions, and the health and wealth of our communities. Therefore, it’s important that our children learn things like the history of the potato, the simple ingredients of pasta, or…

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2018 Member-Owner Meeting & Celebration

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Join your co-op community at our annual Member-Owner Meeting & Celebration! Thursday, October 25 | 5:30-8:30 p.m. Midpointe Event Center | 415 Pascal Street N., Saint Paul Mississippi Market member-owners are invited to come enjoy tasty food samples from some of our favorite local farmers.

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Meet Yia Vang of Union Kitchen

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Meet Yia at our Annual Member-Owner Meeting & Celebration Lately, Yia Vang of Union Kitchen has had an active presence in local media platforms and at well-respected food establishments throughout the Twin Cities. Over the past two years, he’s taught a series of Southeast Asian cooking…

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2018 MN FoodShare March Campaign Totals

Image for 2018 MN FoodShare March Campaign Totals

This past March, 16 food co-ops from around Minnesota, also known as the Cooperating Minnesota Food Co-ops team, collectively raised funds for the annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. Mississippi Market participates each year in the campaign, a program that provides food, funds, and educational materials to over 300 food shelves…

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Regenerative Agriculture, a Step Beyond

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“Sustainable agriculture”—you’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? From a production and distribution standpoint, “sustainable” often refers to a three-tiered model focused on systemic social, environmental, and economic impacts. From an agricultural perspective, this can mean ensuring fair labor wages and working conditions, implementing ecologically-friendly farming practices such…

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Change is in the Air

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A message to member-owners from General Manager Gail Graham One of the more common member requests we receive is switching from paper to electronic member discounts. Our cash register provider recently updated their software, making it feasible for us to finally implement this request. We know the member discount…

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Honoring the African-American Co-op Movement

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Throughout history, grassroots activism has played a key role in addressing racial and socioeconomic oppression, exploitation, and segregation. The cooperative movement formed in direct opposition to corrupt business practices to address food and social justice issues, economic independence, product quality standards, labor conditions, and methods of ownership. Oftentimes, the consumer…

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Commemorating Credjafawn Co-op

Image for Commemorating Credjafawn Co-op

Interior view, Credjafawn Co-op Store, 678 Rondo, St. Paul. ca 198. Locator no. HF4.6 p7, Negative no. 20099. © Minnesota Historical Society Collection.   Lively photographs of Credjafawn Co-op from 1948 document a tidy, well-equipped corner store with white-painted porcelain cases, a two-tiered air-conditioned produce display backed…

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A Family Recipe for the Holidays

Image for A Family Recipe for the Holidays

Thanks to board member Hlee Vang for sharing her family’s traditional holiday recipe! “I love the holidays and the ability to share good, healthy, delicious food with my family and friends. I would love to share a traditional family recipe with you. Bon appétit!” – Hlee Vang Chicken Coconut…

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A Local Champion: Featherstone Farm

Image for A Local Champion: Featherstone Farm

Featherstone Farm has been growing organic fruits and vegetables for over 20 years with a focus on personal, financial, and environmental sustainability. At their 250-acre certified organic farm in Rushford, Minn, Featherstone produces over 70 different crops annually for delivery to local food co-ops, natural food stores, farm-to-table restaurants, and…

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