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Local Profile: Prairie Road Organic Seed

March 7, 2017

Prairie Road Organic Seed, located in Fullerton, North Dakota, is an organic seed grower and supplier committed to the development of regional vegetable and grain seeds. Each year, their 480 acre farm dedicates 6-8 acres to growing regional vegetable seeds. Second generation owners Theresa and Dan Podoll believe that the seed business is an extension of regional food systems and that “just as we need local food, we need local seeds”. The family is working to create an alternative system that speaks directly to the needs of farmers and gardeners that they believe the commercial seed industry does not address.

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Celebrate Community: Kimiko

March 6, 2017

As part of our Celebrate Community series, we are celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our very own staff members at Mississippi Market. Kimiko has worked in the front end department at our West 7th store for four years, and has been teaching Japanese cooking classes at Mississippi Market for the last several years. Kimiko grew up on the semitropical islands in Okinawa prefecture. It is located at the southern end of Japan and is known for longevity and its healthy diet. The base of her cooking is Okinawan, which has heavy influences from both Chinese and Japanese cooking. However, Kimiko lived in Tokyo for more than 12 years from her college years where she fell in love with a variety of Japanese food and started cooking and learning about Japanese food extensively. Now, she primarily cooks Japanese food at home and occasionally Okinawan.

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Positive Change: 2017 MN FoodShare March Campaign

March 1, 2017

Image for Positive Change: 2017 MN FoodShare March Campaign

March’s Positive Change recipient is the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. Each year, Mississippi Market participates in the campaign, a program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches that provides food, funds, and educational materials to over 300 food shelves across the state. The March Campaign is the largest food…

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Celebrate Community: Victor

March 1, 2017

As part of our Celebrate Community series, we are celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our very own staff members at Mississippi Market. Victor has worked for Mississippi Market for 9 years now, most recently as the Produce Manager at our East 7th store. Having just returned from a visit home to the Philippines, Victor shared a recipe for pinakbet - a popular dish to serve at any Filipino gathering. Victor recommends substituting tofu for the pork belly as an easy way to make this dish vegetarian.

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Local Profile: Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

February 27, 2017

     Founded in 2005, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is a local coffee company based in Viroqua, WI. For over a decade, they've been working closely with coffee farmers dedicated to growing high quality beans and paying their workers fair compensation. To ensure fair wages and market prices, Kickapoo Coffee provides farmers a minimum price for their harvests, guaranteeing labor and production costs are fully covered while creating a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain. This farmer focused sourcing model has forged trusted, longstanding partnerships between Kickapoo Coffee and the small scale farmers who supply their beans.

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Celebrate Community: America

February 23, 2017

As part of our Celebrate Community series, we are celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our very own staff members at Mississippi Market. America has worked in the housekeeping department at Mississippi Market for over five years and with her contagious smile and friendly presence is beloved by staff and shoppers alike. Originally from El Salvador, America's passion has always been cooking and sharing her delicious food with others. The secret ingredient that makes her recipes taste so good is "el amor," a little love! America's Salvadoran pupusas with curtido recipe is sure to be a favorite as it is one of the most popular dishes in El Salvador. America explains that nearly everywhere you go in El Salvador you can find a pupuseria selling a wide variety of pupusas from simply cheese-filled to "la revuelta," the most popular pupusa, filled with cheese, beans, and shredded pork.

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Celebrate Community: Ebele

February 21, 2017

As part of our Celebrate Community series, we are celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our very own staff members at Mississippi Market. Ebele has worked in the human resources department at Mississippi Market for three years now. Originally from Nigeria, Ebele has lived in Minnesota with her family for the last five years. She has a strong love of food and cooking, especially spicy food! Ebele shared with us a recipe for Jollof Rice. It is a dish that is eaten in many West African countries but is very popular in Nigeria - so popular that you will find it at virtually every occasion!

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Apply Now for Positive Change!

February 20, 2017

  Our Positive Change Program is a nod to our mission statement: to create positive change in the community by influencing the production, distribution, and enjoyment of food. Each month, we feature one local nonprofit organization at all three of our stores and raise funds through register round ups and reusable bag credits for donation to their cause. It's our way of saying thanks and giving back directly to our community. St. Paul-based nonprofits are encouraged to apply! We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Recipients are chosen quarterly throughout the year. On average, our customers raise over $8,000 per month for Positive Change recipients.

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Commemorating Credjafawn Co-op

February 15, 2017

Most Twin Cities food co-op members associate the growth of local grocery co-ops with the 1960–1975 period, during which many of our region's existing stores began. A notable exception to the 1960s food co-op movement was the Credjafawn Co-op Store, which briefly served the Rondo community in the years immediately following World War II. Its freestanding building at 678 Rondo Avenue, at what was then the corner of Rondo and St. Albans, lay only four blocks northwest of today’s Mississippi Market location on the corner of Selby and Dale. Lively photographs of the Credjafawn Co-op from 1948 document a tidy, well-equipped corner store with white-painted porcelain cases, a two-tiered air-conditioned produce display backed by tall mirrors, and grocery carts small enough to thread their way through narrow aisles packed with fresh food for sale. The Co-op’s two large street-facing windows were partly papered with posters featuring the familiar twin-pines logo of the National Cooperative Business Association, which also served as Mississippi Market 's logo for a short period of time.

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Local Profile: Brake Bread

February 11, 2017

Image for Local Profile: Brake Bread

Brake Bread is a local bakery that began in 2014 using a community supported subscription model that continues to deliver fresh baked goods via bicycle within the West End area of St. Paul. After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, the bakery opened a retail location on West 7th street in…

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